Earlier this week, Lord of the Rings Online players have learned that the legendary server, Ithil, is coming to an end. An interesting piece of information from the shutdown was that characters from the Legendary server could be transferred to any server, not just the other Legendary, Anor. It seems gamers liked this idea and Standing Stone Games agrees, as it has only just opened Anor transfers.

Ithil, the second legendary server to launch a few years ago when the population of Anor was causing problems connecting to the server, will be shut down on June 15 due to the low population. SSG offers free transfers to Ithil players moving their toons from the server to any of the LotRO servers themselves.

Today Jerry “Cordovan” Snook visited the LotRO forums to announce that transfers were also open for those looking to migrate from Anor to regular servers.

“We have listened to your feedback and are happy to announce that transfers of world characters and shared items are now available from Anor to all non-legendary game worlds. Please note that once characters or Shared items are transferred from Anor it It is NOT possible to transfer these shared characters or items to Anor. Additionally, players can transfer from Anor to American or European game worlds without issue. has arrived in an American or European destination game world, the technical restriction will re-apply and will prevent this character from moving from an American game world to a European one. “

It is important to note in the statement that once you make your decision on an American or European server, you are stuck in the region thanks to the technical restriction on the character. So choose wisely the region of your game world. It also lacks the indication that this is a free service. Although it makes sense that the LotRO The team are reportedly charging their usual transfer fees as Anor is not closing, coming so close to Ithil transfers that it deserves to be questioned. However, at the moment it doesn’t appear to be free like Ithil transfers are – because again, Ithil is shutting down forever.

Cordovan spoke about Ithil’s shutdown during the Cord of the Rings live stream, speaking about the small population, as well as the original goal of opening it. Cordovan pointed out to players that free transfers to Ithil run until the end of the year, but since servers are likely to receive a “database wipe” after the year ends, any player who does not not transfer will lose their characters and share items forever.

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