Lord of the Rings fan site The One Ring recently described Lord of the Rings writer JRR Tolkien as waking up in a recent Twitter thread.

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The website appears to have some sort of connection to the current production of Amazon Studios’ Lord of the Rings TV series, given that they were the first to receive and release the show’s official synopsis in January.

Either way, they took to Twitter where they started a thread condemning “homophobic comments”.

They wrote, “Look, we’ve been dealing with homophobic comments for decades and it’s still wrong. Whatever toxic arguments are being said now about the fandom and LOTR adaptations, it’s the same garbage that said Ian McKellen was the worst affront to Tolkien’s legacy. #Pride.”

Source: Twitter at the One Ring

They followed this up by writing: “A respectful and compelling debate on Tolkien is always welcome, but homophobic, racist and misogynistic garbage is still a case of ban. This is not what Tolkien’s fandom is, wants or welcomes. We could ban in the age of bulletin boards and IRC, but in the age of social media… ”

Source: One Ring Twitter

Then they wrote, “Platforms cannot rule out toxicity from our community. We can mute and block, but that’s only for this account flow. Twitter is not a community just because it lacks anti-troll tools. Nasty people always show up in replies because their poisonous friend under-tweeted us.

Source: One Ring Twitter

The Twitter account then claimed that Tolkien was awake. They tweeted: “If you still think Ian McKellen is the worst and Catholic Tolkien would never have approved, please read more of Tolkien’s books and letters. He woke up, opposed hatred, embraced all cultures in life and fiction. That is why his books are translated into all languages.

Source: Twitter at the One Ring

They continued the thread, “If you think Ian McKellen is getting a pass but everything Amazon does is a disgrace to Tolkien, please think more about your personal bias before you tweet. Our block button is very active. And if you RT / activate toxic voices in the name of free speech, you don’t like Tolkien.

Source: One Ring Twitter

Finally, they concluded the thread by writing, “#PRIDE gives us some of the greatest performance, beyond all expectations. “

Source: Twitter at the One Ring

It is not known what The One Ring is specifically disputing, other than it has something to do with Ian McKellen and Amazon’s production and the alleged comments made about them.

As you can see above, they don’t provide any evidence for these comments.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

And when it comes to Tolkien being awake, you have to wonder what kind of awakening definition The One Ring uses because Tolkien is probably the furthest from awakening because you can become a devout Catholic.

To elucidate this point, Bishop Robert Barron of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles describes wokeism as an “intellectual virus”.

While questioning whether this ideology is the answer to injustice, he provides an excellent definition of what wokeism really is.

He wonders: “But this” awakened “Foucauldian philosophy, which stems from an antagonistic social theory, which deconstructs language, which denies the objectivity of moral norms, and which sees reality simply as an incessant struggle between the oppressor and the oppressed , is the answer? “

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Bishop Barron then specifies that this ideology is not the answer and he actually encourages people to fight against it.

He explains: “Of course do not. And perhaps we should be encouraged by the French alarm in the face of an emerging “awakening” within them, because the very society that produced the intellectual virus could now join the fight against it.

Tolkien would not deny the objectivity of moral standards being a devout Catholic.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Companion of the Ring

Biographer Humphrey Carpenter explained how central Tolkien’s Catholic faith was to him as he attended mass at St. Aloysius daily.

Not only that, but Carpenter writes: “His commitment to Christianity and in particular to the Catholic Church was total.

He adds: “This does not mean that the practice of his faith has always been a source of consolation for him: he has imposed a rigorous code of conduct, particularly in matters of confession before taking Communion, and when (as is often the case arrived) he could not bring himself to confess, he would refuse communion and live in a pathetic state of spiritual depression.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Tolkien would not deconstruct language as a professional philologist either. It is the opposite of the profession he has chosen.

Nor would he see the world as a struggle between oppressors and oppressed.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops clearly states: “’The love of the Church for the poor. . . is part of its constant tradition. This love is inspired by the Gospel of the Beatitudes, by the poverty of Jesus and his concern for the poor. . . . “Those who are oppressed by poverty are the object of a preferential love on the part of the Church which, since its origin and despite the failings of many of its members, has never ceased to work for their help, their defense and release. . ‘”

They also add: “The love of others, and in the first place the love of the poor, in whom the Church sees Christ himself, is concretized in the promotion of justice.

It is the opposite of seeing the world as a struggle between oppressors and oppressed.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

One has to wonder then what the folks at The One Ring are doing, as it seems they are actively trying to smear JRR Tolkien.

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