An Italian Lord of the Rings fan lives in a version of the Shire he built himself for three years and he plans to expand his village.

A the Lord of the Rings fan in Italy has built his own Shire and has lived there for three years. Originally a three-part novel by JRR Tolkien published from 1954 to 1955, The Lord of the Rings remains one of the most beloved stories in all fantasy fiction, ranking among the best-selling books of all time. New Zealand director Peter Jackson adapted it into a highly acclaimed early 2000s trilogy of films, and the third entry, The king’s return, still holds the record for most Oscars won by a single film with 11.

While each of the locations created for the series is certainly memorable, there is perhaps none more beloved than the Shire. Home of the Hobbits, the Shire is a peaceful, rural place that encourages the sweetness of life among its little inhabitants, who reside in Hobbit holes dug in the hills. The the Lord of the Rings the design of the film trilogy for these buildings, with circular doors placed at the highest point of the hill, made a strong impression on viewers, so much so that when Jackson returned to do The Hobbit films, his team built the village of Hobbiton as a sustainable structure that can be visited as a tourist attraction.

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Corn Initiated reports that the location in New Zealand is not the only suitable accommodation for Hobbit in our world. An Italian pastry chef and the Lord of the Rings a fan named Nicolas Gentile has spent the last three years living in a Hobbit hole he himself built in the central Abruzzo region, where he manages the Instagram account My Hobbit Life. He made the decision to build his own village, which he calls the “Land of the Gentiles”, in 2018:

I have always loved fantasy literature and movies, Dungeons and Dragons and video games. But at one point in my life, I felt like I was living other people’s adventures and not mine. I decided that I too would live my life as a character in the movies and books that I loved so much. […] This project is not intended to make a profit. If I had wanted to get rich, I would have invested in bitcoin! All I want is to meet people like me, who have the same magic in their eyes and a love for the simple things in life, who like to have dinner with friends and have an adventure in the woods every now and then .

And in this goal, Gentile has succeeded so far. The article goes that his biggest achievement in his Hobbit life so far has been to travel to Mount Vesuvius in Naples last August with eight other people he has met online. Dressed as members of the the Lord of the Rings Fellowship, the group traveled 180 miles, crossing forests, mountains and ancient towns to reach the active volcano. And once they did, of course, they threw in a replica of the One Ring, possibly saving all of Italy in the process.

Gentile took his love for Tolkien’s world beyond most and surely won the hearts of fans everywhere in the process. He is currently doing crowdfunding to expand his village, hoping to create a small community that lives off the land like the Hobbits would. Because recreating the Shire doesn’t come cheap, he’s looking to raise $ 1.78 million, but if the new Amazon the Lord of the Rings the show can spend $ 465 million in its first season alone, anything seems possible.

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Source: Initiated, My Hobbit Life

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