A Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter-inspired resort complex has reopened for the summer.

North Shire in Liverton on the north edge of the North Yorkshire Moors offers families a Hobbit-like experience with a touch of luxury for parents.

Unique accommodation was the idea of ​​Carol Cavendish and Karl Wragg, who recreated The Shire as described in the books by fantastic author JRR Tolkien, who lived in Leeds in the 1920s.

The original Hobbit-Hole potts Corner-inspired cottage has been open since 2015 and in recent years they’ve expanded their offering to include a yurt-style Green Dragon cafe similar to the Hobbit water hole in popular movies.

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Harry Potter fanatics now also have a reason to visit Ground Keeper’s Cottage, a replica of Hagrid’s cabin depicted in JK Rowling’s novels, which opened in 2019.

The movie set, designed by a professional prop maker, features Hagrid-style furniture such as old baskets, ropes, leather bags and lanterns, and a fireplace.

North Shire, The Ground Keeper’s Cottage, aka Hagrid’s House.

Carol Cavendish, who has been a Harry Potter fan since her early twenties, also incorporated small touches such as an ink bottle and a custom nib and copper basin in the bathroom.

The storybook-inspired family farm, about 20 minutes from Whitby, has already attracted Tolkien and Potter fans from all over the world and can also host weddings.

A range of other accommodations on the idyllic vacation retreat includes gypsy caravans and camping.

North Shire has now reopened after the pandemic with availability on most of its accommodations this summer. Unfortunately, if you want to stay in the Hobbit House or the Ground Keeper’s Cottage, you’ll need to plan several months in advance, both of which are full until January 2022.

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