the Lord of the Rings Fans kept the film saga alive for nearly two decades after its end, creating memes from almost every scene in the 11+ hour fantasy epic (in the extended cut, obviously).

One of the most iconic and bizarre lines besides “you don’t just walk in Mordor” and “throw it in the fire … destroy it”, has to be “it looks like the meat is back to menu, boys! “

Spoken by Ugluk, the Uruk-hai leader of the orcs in the second movie, The two towers, he intervenes in a scene after Hobbits Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd) were captured as they are believed to be the ones wearing the ring.

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An orc named Snaga suggests eating the hobbits and is supported by one of his comrades Grishnakh, who suggests mutilating them after Ugluk forbids them to touch the hobbits as they are too valuable and must be delivered alive to Saruman.

But when Snaga sneaks too close to the pair, Ugluk quickly slices them in half with his sword and screams that iconic line before the other Uruk-hai tears and devours him.

What confused fans about this scene, however, was how on earth an Orc leader Uruk-hai would even know how to use the word menu in this situation.

lord of the rings orc

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Explain to Thrillist the origin of this very inappropriate sound line, Nathaniel Lees, who played and pronounced Ugluk, said: “First, Ugluk was Uruk-hai and considered himself and his troops above the orcs.

“” Menu “is simply the choice of food available. After I beheaded the orca [Snaga], ‘meat was back on the menu.’ “

Stephen Ure, who portrayed Grishnakh had more information on how the line came about: “There are a lot of things that don’t really make sense. Of course, they wouldn’t know what a menu is. .

“You’re not going to start debating the writing, because maybe then they’ll run away and rewrite it and then you’ll be sitting there in it all. [the costumes and make-up]. Really, at the end of the day, you just want it to be over and get out of it.

lord of the rings urak hai

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The actor went on to explain that he didn’t even know the infamous status of the scene before the interview and added, “There’s a lot of awkward stuff in there. [screenwriter] Philippa Boyens. She puts all this stuff in there that just doesn’t make sense.

“She was taken on because she was Tolkien’s expert. I can tell the lines Philippa wrote. Like in the third movie where I play Gorbag, and when I finally got out of the big orc fight that starts on the Mithril. Vest, and I will kill Elijah [Wood as Frodo]and say, ‘I’m going to bleed you like a stuck pig.’ “

Apparently however, the the Lord of the Rings memes haven’t quite reached the cast since Jed Brophy, beheaded as Snaga, was also unaware that this line was getting so famous: [the script.] I never thought about it until you mentioned it.

the the Lord of the Rings The television series will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video, with no confirmed release date at this time.

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