In the October 11 edition of the Roanoke Times, the second GOP member in the House of Representatives, Steve Scalise, said “that a number of states have not followed the laws passed that govern the election of the President “.

In other words, a repeat of the claim that the election was stolen or invalid as if the voting procedures in those states had miraculously benefited only one party in the November elections.

Republicans also enjoyed easy access to the voting process. After all, they won 15 seats in the House of Representatives.

JRR Tolkien in his books “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy describes a world where the characters seek out “the ring of power” and some take it upon themselves to destroy it.

Tolkien’s writings between the two world wars describe how the obsession with power corrupted and destroyed “the race of men.” Two of Tolkien’s characters Sauron and Gollum are two characters who seek “the ring of power”. Gollum says the “Hobbit Bilbo cheated on him and stole his precious.”

In today’s world, power is not sought through magic rings but through political parties and the accumulation of wealth. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a separation between the two.

Those who seek political power may do so to serve the common good or for their own personal need for recognition. Some leaders need admiration and loyalty, exaggerate their accomplishments, have low empathy for others, are easily looked down upon, and become angry without special attention.

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