The month of May is now drawing to a close, and after a month filled with new LEGO sets announced as we move into the summer months, we are now turning our attention to the community-driven ideas side. As we do every month, today we’re highlighting several fan-made builds from the LEGO Ideas platform that are vying to join other official sets on store shelves. The Best LEGO Ideas of May also include a unique way to add Middle-earth action to your library and a rendition of everyone’s favorite vocal train. See you below for all the details.

LEGO Solar System showcases May’s best LEGO ideas

Launch of the best LEGO ideas of the month, builder Lara2 design offers space enthusiasts a way to show off the solar system in their collections. The model builds on the more display-oriented side, depicting the nine traditional plants, including Pluto, on the scale you’ll find possible with the LEGO bricks. Each one takes advantage of some unique designs and is on a display stand, which also contains graphics of relevant constellations.

I just got on LEGO Ideas, just less than 700 builders have cast a vote of support so far. But with over 400 days, there’s plenty of time to take the next step and lock in your ticket to becoming an official set. Considering how popular space-themed is in the world of LEGO Ideas, I could definitely see this one being a hit among NASA fans and builders alike.

Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings End of the book

One of the most popular themes from the LEGO Group that hasn’t seen a lot of love lately is Lord of the Rings. And with plenty of time until we have the potential to assemble builds of the Amazon derivative series that’s in the works, builder Kamen lunch designed a pair of themed bookends to bring classic franchise moments to your library.

the End of the book Hobbit and Lord of the Rings showcase both the county and Mount Doom. There are a few notable details dotted around, as well as stage-friendly action figures that would make this the perfect way for fans to show off their hardcover copies of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

So far, finished 1,300 LEGO builders came together to vouch for the project. And with over 580 days to guarantee the remaining support. This is certainly one of the more unique versions of an existing LEGO theme, which combines the typical playstyle sets with a more exhibit-worthy approach to make this one of the best Ideas projects to put together. evident from May.

Lego thomas the tank engine

In addition to expanding into the sitcom space for fans to assemble their favorite TV characters, the LEGO Group has also recently targeted builders who grew up on Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh. In the same vein, creator Kaijubuildz caught our attention with their unique Model Thomas the Tank Engine, which largely captures the same charm as the other mainstays of kids’ programming we’ve seen in brick form before.

While young builders were able to get their hands on some DUPLO kits in the mid-2000s focused on Thomas and all the other trains, this LEGO Ideas project would give older builders who grew up on the series a chance to assemble a display. more. worthy version of the iconic locomotive.

From now on, almost 2000 supporters weighed in, giving this creation a solid chance to enter the official review phase. This is especially true when you consider that there are over 590 days left to lock in this elusive 10,000-fan milestone.

Future LEGO Ideas kits to look forward to

The month of May also saw the entry of several fan-created projects into the popular 10,000-fan club. While we are still awaiting the verdict of the last round of LEGO Ideas review since the start of the month, there is now a pretty impressive list of builds that have garnered the required votes. Here are all the projects that have been locked for May.

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