September 22, 2022

Labor Shortage Affecting CO House Cleaning Services During Holiday Season

(Update: added video, comments from house cleaning company)

SISTERS, Ore. (KTVZ) — Zachary Avis and his wife have a long list of homes to clean with their cleaning company, Sakred Space.

The only problem is that they lack the help they need.

“It’s really hard to bring in people, good reliable people,” Avis Thursdasy said.

Avis said it has two other employees and is looking for at least two more.

Their business is over a year old and has steadily grown through word of mouth and reputation.

But they have lost employees during this time and are struggling to find reliable replacements.

“Too much for her and me to handle alone,” Avis said. “We need more people, more help. To grow, we need more employees.

The holiday season is usually a busier time of year, with many people hosting parties or having family.

Avis said their demand is higher than ever, so they have to put some customers on waiting lists or even turn them away.

Aavis says they are booked until New Years and can’t take any more customers unless they can find more employees.

He and his wife say another problem they are noticing is an increase in the number of independent cleaners, who have less track record but offer lower prices.

Avis is aware that his company is not alone in having a personnel problem.

“Not many people want to go back to work at this point, yet,” Avis said. “You know, it’s kind of a challenge for everyone. You drive around Bend and you see “Now Hiring” signs everywhere, so…”

But he is convinced that they will eventually find the right people.

“You stick with something long enough, you have to find people,” Avis said. “But that doesn’t make it any easier, to say the least, to get there.”