King Kong is one of the most famous movie characters of all time, a monster known the world over. There have been various variations and presentations of the giant monkey over time, but two of the best are those of Peter Jackson. King Kong (2005), and Kong: Skull Island (2017).

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While both of these films are ultimately about the classic monster, they tell this story differently and present the character in unique ways. While every movie does it well, there are certain elements that make it slightly stronger overall. But when they are compared together, which of these two films is better?

ten King Kong: stronger scenario

Jack Black in King Kong

Due to the length of this movie, there is a lot of dialogue to go through, as it’s not all about action and combat here. However, Peter Jackson did a fantastic job putting together a group of talented actors who can work the story in an entertaining way.

The movie is filled with incredible dialogue throughout, which really hooks the audience into everything the characters do. While the script is also entertaining in the new iteration of Kong, it’s the 2005 film that has the edge in this department.

9 Kong: Skull Island: Greater Action

Kong Skull Island Easter Egg Resident Evil

This movie is really just a classic monster story, with great action throughout. Whether it’s Kong fighting monsters, humans fighting creatures, or Kong destroying helicopters from the sky, this movie is packed with action-packed scenes.

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This makes for a thrilling viewing experience as things move from fight to fight at an exhilarating pace. The stages are also well constructed, resembling huge blockbuster shows, which is exactly what people expect from a movie like this.

8 King Kong: a bigger battle with the dinosaurs

Naomi Watts in King Kong (2005)

One of the classic things people expect about King Kong is that he ends up battling a different monster at some point. It’s something that both movies deliver, but the 2005 version just does it better, despite the fact that overall the new movie has a lot more action.

Kong’s brawl with the T-Rex is an epic encounter that leaves audiences stunned. They go to war and push each other to their limits, with the dinosaur getting a lot of hits on the monkey, and while the new movie also gives us a great fight against Kong, Peter Jackson has been able to deliver this one better.

7 Kong: Skull Island: don’t hang around

One of the complaints about Peter Jackson’s version of King Kong is simply the length of the movie. While there is no doubt that this is a great adventure, there is no denying that there are times when it drags on, with certain scenes filling the time.

This movie is 187 minutes long, which is a really long runtime that a lot of people just don’t want to commit to. Meanwhile, Kong: Skull Island lasts 118 minutes, which is a bit easier to manage and navigate, which sometimes makes it more reusable.

6 King Kong: the greatest Kong

King Kong 2005 Intro

Since King Kong himself is the key element in both of these films, getting it right is important, and the 2005 version does it best. With Andy Serkis performing the motion capture for the character, the odds were always high that he was a great character.

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The facial expressions and emotion that the character was able to convey without saying a word were incredible and really underline Serkis’ talent as an actor. But it also moved the movie forward and really made it an awesome viewing experience.

5 Kong: Skull Island: Large CGI

A movie like this with huge creatures like King Kong will always depend on some level of CGI. For this reason, it is not surprising that Kong: Skull Island provided the better CGI of the two films, which made Kong himself more impressive.

This is simply due to the fact that the film is simply more modern. Technology had advanced considerably by the time this movie appeared, just like between the original version and Peter Jackson’s version, and thanks to that, the CGI was able to make this movie much more realistic.

4 King Kong: less predictable

King Kong 2005

This version of King Kong was really a standalone movie and because of that the movie was a lot less predictable. People might get emotionally invested in the beast and wonder whether or not he could survive the movie or not.

However, when it comes to the most recent version of the character, there was a feeling that it would lead to other movies, and because of that, it was slightly more obvious that Kong would survive it all.

3 Kong: Skull Island: Stronger Human Characters

Brie Larson at Kong Skull Island

All King Kong The movie is about the giant ape itself, but there’s no question that it’s the human in the movie that really tells the story. They’re the ones who put it all together and out of the two it’s Skull Island that limits it with better characters.

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All are well balanced and have their own specific reasons for being on the island. They complement each other well and sometimes oppose each other perfectly, and that’s something that makes them a lot easier to connect.

2 King Kong: more emotion

While the humans in the latest iteration of the film have a lot more personality, when it comes to Kong himself, it’s Peter Jackson who brings the most emotion. The bond Kong has with Ann is something that animates the film and gives audiences something to hold onto throughout.

This aspect of the film gives Kong a lot of heart, rather than just making him appear as a mystical monster. This connection is a huge part of the movie and it’s the central aspect of the movie that is a big reason why a lot of people prefer this version.

1 Kong: Skull Island: A New Story

Kong: Skull Island

Ultimately, the main reason people prefer Kong: Skull Island is just that the movie is new. The Peter Jackson Story is essentially a remake of the original, adding new details and using technology along the way to make it a more exciting and enjoyable movie.

however, Kong: Skull Island provides a whole different take on the character, giving a new twist to the story that made it a thrilling adventure that was unique and enjoyable. There was no way to predict everything that was going to happen, like in the version of Peter Jackson, which made it a lot of fun to watch.

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