This article contains spoilers for The daring typethe series finale.

The daring type was always destined to end up in the fashion closet. For five seasons, the Scarlet hangout magazine acted as a space where Jane (Katie stevens), Kat (Aisha Dee) and Sutton (Meghann fahy) could share their fears, triumphs, laughter and, from time to time, wine in paper cups. The alcove also served as a symbol for the most fantastic elements of the Freeform show, given that most people who work in media today don’t have the bandwidth to spend hours chatting in such a closet. . Sadly, Wednesday’s series finale marked the end of the trio’s centuries-old tradition and also proved to be a poignant farewell in real life.

“They had packed the set the day before this fashion wardrobe scene ended. The set was still in place, so we asked our producer if the three of us could go. Scarlet, says Stevens Vanity Show. “We went into a conference room and we were like, ‘Do you think any of us remember the sex position we tried to recreate in episode two?’ So we tried to get into position. She laughed. “It was like watching the little ghosts from our past float by as we talked about all these memories. Then we kind of lay down on the floor of Scarlet and kissed and sat there in silence for a few minutes.

As the world separates The daring type and his stimulating weekly dose of escape, Stevens opens with his surprising finale, “I expect you to have adventures.” Below, she gets real about everything Jane’s about, including the ending that almost was, whether or not Pinstripe was “The One” and where the character is. Eat Pray Love trip can take him.

Vanity Fair: This final season has been filled with challenges, from COVID-19 filming restrictions to a reduced number of episodes. What was it like filming during this difficult time, knowing that there were only six episodes left to tie it all up?

Katie stevens: It was really hard. Our show is above all such a positive and loving kind of setting. And also [in the] show people kissing and making love and kissing and we couldn’t do that this season. So they had to find ways for us to kind of insinuate that sexuality. [In the] episode where Jane and Scott [Jane’s employee, with whom she briefly entertains a romance] ending their relationship, I’ve seen so many comments like “She’s already breaking up with him and they haven’t even kissed or anything.” As a viewer, a lot of people don’t watch it thinking that we had to do this during COVID. So for everyone’s safety, we couldn’t do these scenes.

It has been interesting watching Jane navigate her career this season. She had a lot of missteps, a gap in the #MeToo story that she related to her lackluster performance reviews. How did Jane’s portrait go during this hectic cycle?

I think it’s, like, true to life. You make mistakes and you learn from them and your course is correct and you get better at it. I really loved that we were playing [that] not everything is tied to an arc in the life and career of these girls. It’s important to see these girls take a wrong step because it’s so true in life. Jane thought with this #MeToo story that she had ticked all of her boxes. It wasn’t to her that anyone was lying to him, but it was her job to make sure that this story was true. Sometimes we have the best of intentions and we fail. How to pick up these pieces and of course? And luckily, she had a mentor in Jacqueline, but also her duty to become her own mentor.

The scene in the penultimate episode where Jacqueline offers Jane the editor-in-chief position was very moving. How was it for you to read this and film this scene with Melora Hardin?

Oh my God. We read [episodes] five and six together was our very last table reading. So we all cried when we read all the scenes. I was averaging like one scream per week for the past few weeks. Then the last week of filming I was crying on average per day. But Melora actually got very emotional during that scene when we shot it. They always chose an emotional take, but she made a few where she was like crying at the top of her lungs. We couldn’t even cross it in rehearsal. I mean, how do you end the show, especially something where Jacqueline leaves Scarlet to move on to another chapter? I think it’s really wonderful to see Jane getting horny, because that’s where we’ve been heading for four years of this show.

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