After the Dallas Police Department asked people to send videos of the “illegal activities of the protests” that took place in the city over the weekend using a special app called iWatch Dallas, K-pop fans flooded the software with content from their favorite artists and apparently overloaded the reporting system during the process.

The day after the tweet of the Dallas Police Department’s initial request, a secondary tweet confirmed that “due to technical difficulties, the iWatch Dallas application will be temporarily unavailable”. Responses to both tweets are a mix of clips from various K-pop groups playing, games like Animal crossing, animated GIFs, and other pop culture references calling the request and later celebrating the app shutdown.

Buzzfeed News reported that a number of reviews one star appeared on the app’s landing page in the Google Play and Apple App Store marketplaces. These reviews were accompanied by hashtags for Black Lives Matter and abbreviations like ACAB, which stands for “all cops are bastards.” It is not known if the traffic of the viral movement, which started on Twitter, caused the app to crash or if the police removed the app after the increase in activity made it nearly impossible. use, Buzzfeed News reported.

The pressure to undermine relationship efforts against protesters comes as police across the country erupted in violence towards demonstrators protesting against police brutality following the George Floyd’s death at the hands of a former Minneapolis police officer last week. Protests in New York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Dallas, Oakland, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Seattle and other cities have resulted in mass arrests and countless cases of violence against protesters and members of the press.

As protesters continue to rally, some people are creating apps and programs that share images and videos while taking action to protect individuals from doxxing and other retaliatory measures. A tool scratches image metadata and allows selective blurring and blacking of parts of the image to help protect protesters from the various surveillance tactics that can be used by law enforcement.

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