Many of us get our latest entertainment news on Twitter – but if the news is about a show you’ve personally starred in 15 series, you sure hope it wasn’t.

Yet that’s exactly what happened to Jared padalecki, better known as Sam Winchester to the many fans who have avidly followed his character through over 350 episodes of Supernatural. The show also played Jensen ackles, who played Padalecki’s brother.

Thursday, Deadline reported that a previous series concerning the parents of the Winchester brothers, titled The Winchesters, is in development at the CW. The character of Ackles will be involved as the narrator of the series and he is an executive producer. Ackles’ wife, Danneel, which had a recurrence Supernatural role, is also an executive producer.

But when Ackles, who was billed second on Supernatural, shared Deadlineon Twitter, Padalecki’s reaction was not filtered.

“Dude. Glad for you. I wish I had heard about it other than on Twitter,” he wrote. “Glad to watch, but I’m disappointed Sam Winchester didn’t have any involvement,” he continued.

Supernatural fans, rarely shy with their opinions, became stunned by the drama. Padalecki’s tweet has 12.4K quote tweets and is growing.

“It looks like an awkward family dinner”, a fan wrote, while others join in offering relevant screenshots and GIFs. Some fans have even argued that everyone is reading badly, with a tweet underlined passages in Deadlineand insisting that these were clues that Padalecki had to be joking.

Padalecki responded to the “joke” theory with a simple “no”, then added that he was “gutted”.

He also commented on Supernatural producer Robbie thompson it was a little sharper: “And you bully ?? It has since been deleted.

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