But it also means the government is giving hundreds of millions of dollars in rebates to one of the world’s largest and richest companies.

On this episode of The detail, Emile Donovan sits down with Coughlan to discuss the machinations behind the golden handshake that secured the most expensive TV show in history – and whether the grant that facilitated it has exceeded its original goal.

“The New Zealand government was very keen to have this photo here for a number of reasons,” Coughlan said.

“We like to be competitive in the film industry – we have funded hundreds of screen projects through our screen production grants.

“What makes this project different is that it takes place in the universe of The Lord of the Rings.

“All projects that go through this program are looked at from a tourism perspective – so tourism officials were very committed to this project.” Due to all the film projects the government has contributed to over the years, nothing like it The Lord of the Rings.

While the exact figures for the Amazon LOTR are hard to find, the company is expected to spend at least NZ $ 650 million, with more chances in the next few years if the show takes off.

This money will be pumped into the economy at large – creating jobs for digital effects workers, writers, actors, as well as caterers, hosting providers, and more.

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