June 26, 2022

Household chores can burn 600 calories

Hit the squat rack? Past. Triathlon? Old hat. New science has discovered that the revolutionary way to get in shape is right in your own home: cleaning dirty windows you haven’t touched all year.

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A study of Good housekeeping institute found that people doing two hours of “intense” household chores actually burned more than 600 calories.

The GHI found window cleaning to be the most taxing task, with participants burning an average of 115 calories in 20 minutes. Scrubbing the bathroom top to bottom burned an average of 100 calories, while dusting for 40 minutes (how big is that house?) burned nearly 200 calories in total.

To put that into perspective, 600 calories is almost double the calories lost in a 5k run, and the equivalent of an hour of training in the park, 40 minutes of squash or 100 minutes of cricket. .

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While these activities are certainly a lot more fun (well, except maybe cricket), it’s comforting to know that your mindless housework keeps you in good shape as well as making the place presentable for your in-laws. However, we can do better when it comes to incorporating calorie burning into your daily routine – this workout burns 1,000 kcal in just one hour

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health UK