that of Peter Jackson the Hobbit The trilogy, based on Bilbo Baggins of Bag End’s journey to the Lonely Mountain with Thorin Oakenshield’s company, might not be as beloved as his mammoth The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it nevertheless has millions of fans around the world.

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Almost a decade after the first film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey came out, one wonders if the films can be recast with American stars. As LOTR is gearing up for its own streaming service adaptation, it would be fun to reimagine the roles with an extremely talented group of US-based actors, including one or two unconventional choices that still offer food for thought.

11 Tauriel: Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence as Tauriel

Evangeline Lily’s mighty elf might not be a fan favorite, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a nice overhaul if the trilogy were to be remade in the United States.

Gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence is not only an Oscar winner at a very young age, but she’s also made a name for herself in popular franchises such as The hunger Games and X Men series. The role of the warrior elf, Tauriel, who falls in love with a handsome young dwarf seems tailor-made for Lawrence who exudes a range of emotions with easy grace.

ten Kili: Michael B. Jordan

Jordan as Kili

The young dwarf Kili, whom Tauriel learned to love and who loved her in return, was played by the handsome Irishman Aidan Turner. Kili was charming, a valiant soldier and the only dwarf with a romantic history.

The dashing Michael B. Jordan seems like a perfect candidate to step into these shoes. Jordan brings intensity to any role and fans would be mesmerized how he makes the role his own.

9 Bard: Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal as the bard

Luke Evans’ bard saved the inhabitants from the terrible wrath of the dragon Smaug, then reunited with the Elven King to demand the fair share of the Lonely Mountain gold for the inhabitants of Lake-Town.

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The intense Jake Gyllenhaal could be an interesting casting choice for the Righteous Bard. Used to playing characters a little reserved, Gyllenhaal, formidable actor, would bring another dimension to the role of the brave widower with three children.

8 Thranduil: Jared Leto

Leto as Thranduil

The actor whose career has spanned television, film and music, could have his own original version of the worthy Thranduil, played in the Peter Jackson trilogy by Lee Pace.

Leto has been a common face in recent years and while the character of Thranduil may not have had much screen time in the original, it goes without saying that the role would stand out if he were to be. recast with someone like Leto.

7 Legolas: Ryan Gosling

Gosling as Legolas

Orlando Bloom has played Mirkwood’s elf throughout the franchise starting with the debut installment of The Lord of the Rings which came out in 2001, until the last installment of the Hobbit trilogy, which ended with his character searching for a young ranger called Strider, thus creating the premises for the LOTR movies.

Ryan Gosling would be perfect to put himself in Bloom’s shoes. With his boyish charm and charisma, he can very easily don Legolas’ quiver and fight army after army of orcs.

6 Balin: Danny DeVito

DeVito as Balin

Danny DeVito would make a very curious addition to a new cast of the Hobbit movies. DeVito has, over the decades, refined his mastery of the profession, and his versatility would make him a very interesting choice for the role of calm and fatherly balin.

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Originally played by Scottish actor Ken Stott, old Balin was the one who brought wisdom to the otherwise rowdy dwarf gang. While the lead actor seems to have taken a step back these days, it would be great to see him bring his magic to the screen once again and perform the role in his own way, making him both funny and compassionate.

5 Galadriel: Angelina Jolie

Jolie as Galadriel

Perhaps one of the most powerful elves in Middle-earth, the Lady Galadriel has become synonymous in the public imagination of the astonishing Cate Blanchett. Lothlorien’s antlers would hardly be the same without his near-omnipotence.

In an American overhaul, the same power and mystique can be recreated by none other than Angelina Jolie, who would imbue the role with her intensity and evoke a magnificent viewing experience.

4 Gollum: Andy Serkis

Serkis as Gollum

One of the most fascinating literary characters, Gollum, was played almost to perfection by Andy Serkis, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else embracing the role in the same way.

The captivating way in which Serkis brought to life the deeply conflicting creature who develops an obsession with the One Ring and who, in the first Hobbit movie, The unexpected journey, reprized his role to indulge in a puzzle game with Bilbo Baggins, can never really be recast, whatever the version.

3 Gandalf: Morgan Freeman

Freeman as Gandalf

Sir Ian McKellen left an indelible impression with his portrayal of the Wizard Gandalf, so much so that it is almost unthinkable for anyone else to play the Gray Wizard.

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However, since this is a redesign, a person of the same caliber for the role is in order, such as Morgan Freeman. With his signature sparkling eyes and flamboyance, Freeman would be a fascinating makeover for Gandalf.

2 Thorin: Will Smith

Smith as Thorin

Will Smith is of course an unlikely choice for the role of Thorin Oakenshield, haunted by memories of his past and eager to avenge his dwarf companions. Actor Richard Armitage did a memorable job as heir to the Kingdom Under the Mountain, but it would be interesting to reimagine the role with someone who can do a comedic turn every now and then, and also summon great love. , sincerity and passion.

Smith has often been hailed as a great actor for his immense repertoire of roles which included both serious and funny characters. While he’s best known for bringing a fun element to his roles, Smith is no stranger to darker roles, and having him as Thorin would give things a different and quirky twist.

1 Bilbo: Jesse Eisenberg

Eisenberg as Bilbo

Last but not least, Jesse Eisenberg for the lead role of Master Baggins. Like Martin Freeman, Eisenberg is also a formidable actor, having been nominated for all major awards and having received several accolades for his landmark role in the David Fincher film. Social network at an early age.

Eisenberg may be more used to taking on serious roles, but given his versatility, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to try out the role of the reluctant hobbit of the Shire who ends up having a unique adventure when a wizard lands. . up to his door.

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