Netflix released the miniseries Halston on May 14, 2021, and brought the story of fashion designers to the streaming service. With this flamboyant larger-than-life designer, his cast of associates and contemporaries have brought in huge Hollywood names and faces to take on the roles on the show.

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From above, one of Hollywood’s biggest names has taken on the lead role, with Ewan McGregor playing Halston himself. Additionally, some familiar faces represented names like director Joel Schumacher, actress Liza Minnelli, and famous jewelry designer Elsa Peretti.

ten Ewan McGregor – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Ewan McGregor took on the title role in Halston. The famous designer made clothes for everyone from First Lady Jackie Kennedy and singer Liza Minnelli, as well as costumes for the musical Persephone. Actor Ewan McGregor has appeared in some of the greatest films in cinematic history, having played the role of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in all three films of the Star wars prequel trilogy. McGregor returns to the role in the Disney + series based on his character.

9 Rebecca Dayan – Tesla

Rebecca Dayan walking into a play from the Tesla movie.

Rebecca Dayan took on the role of Elsa Peretti in Halston. Peretti is a jewelry designer and philanthropist who created pieces for Tiffany & Co. Prior to that she worked as a Halston model. Actress Rebecca Dayan is a French actress who had her greatest role in Halston. However, some fans might remember her from the critically acclaimed 2020 film. You’re here where she played the role of another real-life celebrity in Sarah Bernhardt, which Tesla (Ethan Hawke) was obsessed with.

8 David Pittu – Law and Order: SVU

Side by side images of David Pittu in Law and Order and Halston

David Pittu stars in Halston like Joe Eula. He was the fashion illustrator who worked for Halston for a decade. Actor David Pittu has had a great career, but especially on television. Apart from minor roles in Men in black 3 and that of Peter Jackson King Kong, viewers might recognize Pittu the most from his role in Law and Order: SVU. While he only appeared in six episodes, it was the same character each time, defense attorney Linus Tate.

7 Krysta Rodriguez – Dawn

Krysta Rodriguez is watching something in Daybreak.

One of the most popular names in Halston was Liza Minnelli. Back when Halston was entering the fashion world, Minnelli was a successful singer and actress. Minnelli frequented the same circles as Halston, a member of the Studio 54 group, and eventually used his designs in his shows.

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The actress who plays Minnelli is Krysta Rodriguez. She has appeared in several TV shows such as the NBC series To break and the AMC show run after life. Most fans probably remember her from the Netflix series. Dawn like Mrs. Crumble, the former biology professor now known as The Witch.

6 Bill Pullman – Independence Day

Bill Pullman delivering his presidential speech on Independence Day.

Next to Ewan McGregor, the most famous face of Halston is probably Bill Pullman. Arguably the biggest role of Pullman’s career came in 1996 when he played the role of President Thomas J. Whitmore in the disaster movie. Independence Day. This movie involved an alien invasion of Earth, with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in the lead. However, it was Pullman who delivered the speech to the nation that brought them all together for the ultimate attack on alien forces.

5 Bill Pullman – The Sinner

Bill Pullman is watching someone in The Sinner.

In Halston, Pullman played David J. Mahoney, a business leader and philanthropist. His place in the film tells Halston that there is more to selling a thousand items than selling a single item. He looks radically different, clean shaven Halston, from her most recent television role. That role was that of grizzled detective Harry Ambrose in The fisherman. He’s the primary detective investigating cases that appear to have a clear suspect, but there’s always something lurking beneath the surface.

4 Rory Culkin – Signs

Rory Culkin sitting on the floor in Signs

Joel Schumacher was one of Hollywood’s top directors for many years. He has made great blockbusters like The lost boys and Batman and robin and critical darlings like A time to kill and Fall. Prior to making his Hollywood debut, he worked for Halston.

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The actor playing Schumacher in Halston has two more famous brothers than him in Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone) and Kieran Culkin (Succession). Rory Culkin is best known for his role as a child actor in M. Night Shyamalan Panels.

3 Kelly Bishop – Gilmore Girls

Kelly Bishop sits in a chair in Gilmore Girls.

Kelly Bishop plays Eleanor Lambert in Halston. Lambert is known as the woman who helped increase New York’s notoriety as the fashion capital. As for the actress in the role, most people will remember Bishop from Gilmore Girls. She was Lorelai’s wealthy mother and Rory’s grandmother on the show, a stuck woman who always cared more about how she appeared to others than anything else.

2 Vera Farmiga – The Conjuration

conjuration 3 - vera farmiga

Vera Farmiga is an Oscar nominated actress who took on the fictional role of Adele in Halston. However, while she got her Oscar nomination for In the air along with George Clooney, she is best known for her horror work. Farmiga was Norman Bates’ mother in Motel Bates but received most of her attention for her role as Lorraine Warren in Conspiracy and its sequels, which included the 2021 release of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

1 Mary Beth Peil – Dawson Creek

The characters from Dawson's Creek are going to a party.

Mary Beth Peil appeared in Halston like Martha Graham. He was another icon of the 70s, as Graham was another friend of Halston’s at Studio 54 which was to critical acclaim. Graham was a dance choreographer and schools still teach his Graham technique to this day. Peil is best known for her role on a popular TV show, as she played Evelyn “Grams” Ryan in Dawson Creek. She was Jen’s (Michelle Williams) grandmother and took care of her after moving to town to turn her life around.

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