Playhouses can be expensive, but a group of grandparents have created a spectacular hobbit-style shelter in their backyard, perfect for their grandchildren to play.

May and Rod Proctor bought inexpensive items from eBay, Home Bargains, and charity stores to help create the perfect look.

The couple also saved money by using wood waste and donations from family members.

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Speaking to the money-saving community, May and Rod said: “We have 14 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Pete, our five year old grandson, comes here often because his mom and dad are always at work. We like to have it every weekend and I had the idea to make it a play shelter.

“We looked on Pinterest but it was way too expensive. I knew we already had wood and cable reels, and we found plastic glass in a dumpster. Also, our daughter gave us pins and railings so we had a lot to start with.

“Our other supplies were largely from eBay or the local charity shop. We bought two large boxes of paint from the charity shop for £ 12 and the fabric we used for the curtains and the cushion cover was from ‘eBay for £ 10. In the charity store we also bought a lamp to take to the shed for £ 2.99 and the artificial turf was £ 25 on eBay.

The couple made the shed using scraps of wood and other materials.

“The other materials, like the wood for the decking and the shed itself, either came from dumpsters or were given to us by different people. In fact, the decking is actually made of scaffolding planks!

The couple gave a lot of thought to where to place the shed as they wanted to make sure they could see the grandchildren playing through the window.

Inside the hangar.
The interior of the hangar.

May told “I sat down and designed it and my husband did. The first step for Rod was to do the decking and the steps. While Rod was building the frame, I started making the supplies for the interior decorations. I made curtains and big pillow covers with the cheap fabric, and put our little kitchen television in them.

“Rod built shelves for our grandson to paint and put away his things. The next step was to paint everything. It was a long job because there was a lot to do! The gravel path was already there, then two steps lead to the shed. Rod laid artificial turf on it and also made poisonous mushrooms with cement, sand, and logs for the bases.

Rod made poisonous mushrooms for the shed.
Rod made poisonous mushrooms for the shed.

“I bought all the plants and pansies to line up the Home Bargains gravel path and put them in old teapots we found in the charity shop. The flowers, plants and teapots cost no more than £ 30 in total. The project in total took us about two weeks to complete.

“Now we’re done, our grandson loves coloring in his own hobbit shed and watching TV, he brought some of his own supplies and we love to watch him from the kitchen window. “

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