Their business, Studio 20 Double D, was doing well, but then COVID-19 hit and Manole was inundated with job applications and new clients.

“Applications grew 100% and the number of users doubled,” Manole told BIRN.

“Our business is a business that operates in a situation like this. “

Romania is a world leader in adult live cam.

With much of the world ordered to stay home to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, traffic to adult sites is increasing. And the United States, which makes up the largest share of the audience, is only now starting to lock in completely.

“The entire industry, including our company, expects consumption and the number of users to increase,” said Romanian IT entrepreneur Alex Bluck, CTO of SkyPrivate, a platform that connects Adult live cam models subscribe to customers and handle pay-per-minute payments. .

Increased traffic to porn sites in March

Social media users have shared memes and jokes since the start of the crisis, hinting at the likely increase in traffic to porn sites.

They proved prophetic when PornHub, the world’s largest adult website, reported an average daily traffic increase of 5.7% in mid-March.

PornHub has removed the cost of its premium videos for users in countries most affected by the spread of COVID-19. In Italy, the European epicenter of the European pandemic, average daily traffic has increased by more than 13%.

But other sectors of the adult entertainment industry have also benefited, including live cameras.

Emphasizing that they don’t sell porn, Manole and Bluck claim that the live cam provides an interactive experience in which the “models” rely on communication and empathy skills. Much of the time users pay is spent chatting, they say.

“As human beings, we need to speak with someone, to be heard and to open up to others without being judged,” said Manole. “We often open up more easily to those we don’t know because we are less afraid of being judged.

Bluck described the service offered as a “virtual girlfriend experience”.

“Their first instinct is to see a naked girl who only pays attention to him, but the relationship often turns into something else and they talk about their lives and their feelings,” he told BIRN.

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