In one interview with CinemaBlend, Jamie Bell was asked about working with Michael B. Jordan again. Was this the first time they had seen each other since “Fantastic Four”? The question arose because the Josh Trank-directed film suffered from everything from controversies to covers to studio-imposed edits.

“I think I’ve seen him maybe socially a few times in between,” Bell explained. Obviously, other than social interaction, the two actors haven’t collaborated since “Fantastic Four”.

It turns out that Bell was actually a little nervous working with his former co-star, as Jordan has grown into a “stratospheric” movie star in the years that have passed. “A lot can change between a person from this point to this point,” he said. “I’ve always been a little worried to say, ‘God, I hope he’s still cold.'”

Fortunately, the fame didn’t negatively impact Jordan’s willingness to do an amazing job. “What I discovered is that he is a man who has doubled his dedication and commitment,” said Bell.

“He’s an inspiration to me,” Bell concluded. “I have to say he does things that I want to do.” Bell also said that if Jordan ever wanted him for another role, he would jump at the chance.

“Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse” airs on Amazon Prime starting April 30.

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