Sir Ian McKellen just turned 82, so now is a great time for fans to celebrate the actor and his work on social media. A screen veteran whose career spanned more than six decades and still going strong, some of McKellen’s most popular roles include that of Magneto in the X Men films and Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings. And these are just two of the very many roles Ian mckellen portrayed to impress fans and critics alike.

Everywhere people know him from Best, McKellen receives a lot of love on his 82nd birthday. Posting some footage of McKellen on a pride parade, one fan wrote: “Happy 82nd birthday to sir ian mckellen!”

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“Happy Birthday #IanMcKellan, 82 Today,” posted the All the Right Movies podcast. “He was a hugely respected stage star for over 20 years before his notoriety developed in the movies. Considered a British cultural icon, McKellan is best known as Magneto around the world. X Men and Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. “

Including a quote from McKellen, another fan said: ‘May 25, 1939 is the birthday of British icon Sir Ian McKellan, who once said:’ Personally going out was one of the things the most important I’ve ever done, lifting off my shoulders the stack of lies that I didn’t even realize I was carrying. ‘”

“Happy birthday to the extraordinary Sir Ian Mckellen,” someone else said. “I was first impressed by his greatness when I saw Richard III. Both fascinating and repulsive, he just nailed every segment of his character’s dramatic arch. “

Another tweet read: “Happy birthday to English actor Ian McKellen, born May 25, 1939. He has performed in genres ranging from Shakespearean and modern theater to popular fantasy and science fiction, including Richard III, Gods and monsters, Magneto in X-Men & Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit. “

The Next 2 Nerds podcast tweeted: “Big day here @next_nerds, a very happy birthday to our very own wizard, Mutant, genie and Shakespearean activist, Sir Ian McKellen. It is an absolute gift to have your job and that this day. and the coming year brings you all the joys. “

And another fan writes: “Today is someone amazing’s birthday. Someone I care about very much, who represents the world to me and who is always there for me. love them so much and want nothing but good things for them. Happy Birthday Ian McKellen. “

These days, McKellen can be seen performing in his own one man show. Ian McKellen on stage. On his birthday, the actor announced that the show would premiere via Amazon Prime Video and National Theater on June 11 for the UK and Ireland, along with other countries later this year. The show sees McKellen performing snippets of some of his most iconic performances, which is truly a sight to see for any big fan of the acclaimed actor.

However, McKellen is celebrating his special day, just let’s hope his 82nd birthday is one of the best he’s ever had. Happy birthday, Sir Ian McKellen! You can see a lot more of the actor tribute posts on Twitter.

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