The revered fantasy series The Lord of the Rings will receive Amazon’s first TV treatment in the coming years. No official release date has been announced yet, but fans are concerned about the new series nonetheless.

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The Peter Jackson film trilogy adapted from the original JRR Tolkien epic is among the most beloved of all fantasy films. It’s been almost two decades since The king’s return has been released, however – while a new adaptation certainly worries some fans, others are just hoping the expensive project will do the series justice.

ten This will happen millennia before the Hobbit …

Hobbit Bilbo Baggins

Almost all media related to the Lord of the Rings mythos takes place during the real the Lord of the Rings story arc (including The Hobbit). There are a few exceptions, especially in many spin-off video games, but in general, filmmakers and creators stick to the well-known arcs.

Amazon’s point of view The Lord of the Rings rather serve as a prequel to the events of the main trilogy, and hinted that many of the story details are inspired by The Silmarillion, a real bible for officials the Lord of the Rings past.

9 … during the second age of Middle-earth

Sauron Villain LOTR Lord of the Rings

The Second Age of Middle-earth comes just a few centuries before the events of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. During the Second Age, the civilization of Numenor still exists, and this is the time when Sauron initially forged the rings of power, including the One Ring.

The Second Age spans almost 3,500 years and contains some of the most influential events in Middle-earth history. There’s a lot of knowledge to be learned and ways to tie the new series together with the stories fans already know.

8 Amazon will be inspired by all of Tolkien’s works

Ian McKellen Lord of the Rings Campaign JRR Tolkien

Amazon has no plans to remake the revered Peter Jackson trilogy, instead they want to tell alternate stories in the millennia leading up to the events of The Hobbit. Originally, fans believed the new series would focus on “young Aragorn,” but these rumors have been debunked in recent years.

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Peter Jackson The Hobbit took inspiration from Tolkien’s other works, but that didn’t really improve the films. While there is tons of information available, it’s more about how the parts are put together in the end.

7 It shoots in New Zealand, just like the movies

New Zealand landscape

Fans who have fallen in love with the natural wonder and landscapes of the Peter Jackson Trilogy will be happy to know that the Amazon series is also filming in New Zealand. From Amazon the Lord of the Rings the showrunners said it was the best place to bring the “primordial beauty” of the Second Age to life.

While Hobbiton does exist in real life, as it appears in the Peter Jackson trilogy, it doesn’t look like Amazon will revisit the iconic setting for this new production.

6 The show’s budget is probably around $ 465 million

Amazon’s budget the Lord of the Rings is massive, perhaps evidenced the production received more than $ 160 million in New Zealand tax credits for filming in the country. According to Jennifer Salke, head of Amazons Studios, the budget for the first season is almost half a million dollars.

That’s an insane number, considering that many Marvel blockbusters have had similar budgets. For the prospect, the budget for an entire season of Game of thrones was about $ 90 million each.

5 Five seasons are going to be made

Lord of the Rings Amazon TV Series Map of Middle-earth Amazon

Although very little news has been published on the the Lord of the Rings TV series fans know one thing for sure: the series will last a long time, five seasons to be precise. When Amazon purchased the rights to use the the Lord of the Rings franchise, they had to guarantee that five seasons would be made.

The length of the Second Age, as well as the amount of storytelling potential in Tolkien’s extended lore, will have some leeway with such a long time to fully develop.

4 Tolkien’s domain set limits for Amazon …

Although the new the Lord of the Rings The TV show will have its own style and creative freedoms, Tolkien’s domain would have set limits for the production. The main line that Amazon cannot cross is to refer to or describe the Third Age.

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Third age, of course, is the period of time in which the the Lord of the Rings trilogy takes place. This restriction was made so that the Third Age could maintain its story without interference, giving Amazon full reign over the others. the Lord of the Rings stories.

3 … and a Tolkien scholar consults writers

Tom Shippey LOTR Amazon Tolkien Scholar

In addition to the hands-on attitude of Tolkien’s Domain, there is a Tolkien Scholar Specialist who assists staff and the domain. Tom Shippey is an ensemble consultant who is there to keep the production as true to the source material as possible.

Tolkien’s domain is extremely serious about preserving the revered fantasy worlds of JRR Tolkien. As long as fewer liberties are taken with the source material than in The Hobbit trilogy, fans will be satisfied.

2 Both showrunners have experience with blockbusters

JD Payne Patrick McKay Amazon LOTR

Amazon showrunners and chefs the Lord of the Rings The TV series are JD Payne and Patrick McKay. They have industry-wide writing experience, but rarely get credit (they wrote for Star Trek: Beyond without being credited, for example).

JJ Abrams is said to have had a major influence on the decision to hire the writing duo, whose other notable credits include Jungle cruise with Dwayne “Can you smell what rock is cooking” Johnson.

1 Only one actor returns from the cinema: Peter Tait (Shagrat)

Shagrat LOTR Amazon Peter Tait

The Cast of Peter Jackson the Lord of the Rings The trilogy was considered by most fans to be perfect. While it’s interesting in a lot of ways to see them return to these revered roles, it seems Amazon is avoiding bringing back any of the actors from those movies, save for one man: Peter Tait.

Peter Tait played a minor role in the the Lord of the Rings trilogy, that of Shagrat the orc, who discovers Frodo after being weakened by Shelob. He likely won’t play the orc again, as the events of the series take place long before the events of the War of the Ring.

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