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that of Denis Villeneuve Dune is a great cinematic achievement and, despite all comparisons with Star wars, what we really feel is the next one the Lord of the Rings. Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel was considered infilmable due to its density, and for a long time that seemed to be the case: David Lynch’s 1984 version of Dune was a failure, the TV miniseries were largely forgotten, and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s efforts literally proved the point. This makes Villeneuve Dune something of a miracle, not just making it on screen, but with the rather stunning end product, expertly squeezing the source material (or at least half) and adapting it for the big screen and his own vision.

it would have been easy for Dune go very badly – Villeneuve’s previous film, the most controversial box office flop Blade Runner 2049, shows that this was far from a sure thing, and a similar dud would not have been surprising – and yet Dune is already a hit, with a solid box office performance, popularity on HBO Max, mostly positive reviews and, most importantly, a lit sequel from Lionsgate and Warner Bros. 2021 Dune is officially only Part one, and he needs follow-ups – not just Dune 2, but most likely a whole trilogy – to feel complete.

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A trilogy of Dune the films would cement his comparisons with Star wars: after George Lucas’ franchise borrows heavily from Herbert’s book, Villeneuve’s film repays part of it with its visual language and narration; there wouldn’t be Star wars without Dune, but there wouldn’t be either Dune 2021 without Star wars. And yet, even more, in his art, the construction of the world and what he leaves (and desires) to the public, Dune is the new the Lord of the Rings.

Dune is the New Lord of the Rings: An Epic Cinematic Saga

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The end of Dune 2021 says that’s just the start, and it’s true in a sense beyond Paul Atreides’ on-screen journey. Indeed, the end of Dune conjures up an incredible feeling that this is the start of the next epic cinematic saga; that viewers have entered a world so rich and detailed with a story that can span years and help dominate the blockbuster landscape. As movie franchises have become more and more the norm over the past two decades, the scale of Dune, combined with his sense of wonder and need to see what comes next, it means that it offers a feeling that is closest to coming out of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001. It’s a remarkable achievement in itself, but just the first step in a huge adventure that seamlessly blends storytelling and filmmaking.

At the end of Fellowship of the Ring, there is a sense of satisfaction with what has just been seen, but it creates a desire to see what will follow, to be again so immersed in a cinematic saga. Because the Lord of the Rings was a guaranteed trilogy, so he could tell his story that way. It’s still something of a traditional three-act structure, but it’s all part of a three movie structure; Frodo’s journey doesn’t have a conclusion at the end, but rather a preparation for what’s to come – it more fully defines its purpose and puts it on the right track, which is an important type of climax in and of itself. Paul’s story does something similar: a critique of Dune it is because it has no end, but it is not quite correct.

Dune eschews the kind of rigidity that has defined many blockbusters of the past decade, without a cleanup of the third act or a giant battle in the sky, but it does offer a switch – the “death” of Paul Atreides, putting him in the way of Kwisatz Haderach – which completes a game and serves as an ending to that specific journey, all the while leading to bigger things to come. It’s an ending and a setup that makes the story and the world so much bigger and more engaging than this single movie, turning it into something much bigger. It’s something that few franchise movies since the Lord of the Rings have reached, but Dune absolutely does and then some.

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Dune remembers what made Lord of the Rings so special

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As Dune, JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings books have long been considered infilmable, until Peter Jackson made his epic trilogy. Filmed back to back, the Lord of the Rings is a monumental feat of filmmaking, with craftsmanship in every department creating one of the most indelible worlds in film history. Considering the success of these films – nearly $ 3 billion at the box office, more Oscars than any other film trilogy – it’s a bit of a surprise that more films have never copied the plan. Of course, a lot of pretenders to be the new one the Lord of the Rings happened in terms of genre and scale, but in terms of film, none really took the same approach to how these films were made.

In part, that’s because what Jackson and his team did, the amount of work they put in and how they created this universe, was so difficult (and couldn’t even be replicated with The Hobbit movies). But it also shows how franchise cinema has gone the slightly faster and easier route – the Harry Potter or MCU model, which is impressive on its own but may seem a bit more patterned or seamless, is the norm for blockbusters of studio that appeals to the crowd that earn enough rave reviews too. Dune feels like a rare exception.

As the Lord of the Rings before that, Dune is breathtaking and awe-inspiring because of the way it’s so meticulously crafted, and yet its story is so good that you’re blown away by it rather than seeing the mechanics of it on screen. Dune and Dune 2 didn’t turn back to back, but it still feels like Villeneuve took the same kind of approach to his level of detail, his preparation for filming it, and the way he did all that. was necessary – whether in practice or in CGI, in a studio or on location – to wonderfully create this universe that is played out in the finished product.

On the sand-covered planet of Arrakis or watching sandworms attack or spaceships fly, there is an almost realistic, documentary-like nature in Dune. It’s not just about building a world or telling stories, but interweaving the two and encasing them into each other, which helped give Jackson’s Middle-earth the impression of being so fleshed out and lived. Dunethe world of, is, like these films, so completely formed, so uncompromising and so astonishing in its artistry, its approach to the genre and its sense of scale, and if the sequel (s) can replicate that quality, then it really is. will be the new one the Lord of the Rings.

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  • Dune 2 (2023)Release Date: October 20, 2023

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