At the end of the Lord of the Rings books and films, Sauron is defeated when the Ring is destroyed. But is it gone forever or does it survive in some form or another? Either way, it would be interesting and fit the bittersweet nature of the story’s end. However, only one answer can be correct. To understand the answer, it’s important to understand who Sauron really is. the Lord of the Rings. It’s also crucial to understand Gandalf’s purpose in Middle-earth and what it has to do with Sauron and the Ring. Sauron is not just any type of Dark Lord. Technically, he’s the Middle-earth version of a fallen angel, a Maia. He served the Vala Melkor, also known as Morgoth, which is pretty much the Middle-earth version of the Devil. After the destruction of his master at the end of the First Age, Sauron himself wanted to conquer Middle-earth.

To do this, he created the Rings of Power and the One Ring. He gave the Rings of Power to the Races of Middle-earth, Elves, Dwarves and Men, and kept the One Ring to himself. The Elves, however, understood what he had done as soon as he put on the One Ring and therefore removed their Rings. Sauron was also unable to control the Dwarves, but he caused them a lot of trouble, as the Ring bearers became greedy. However, the nine men who obtained the rings ended up transforming into Nazgûl and serving Sauron. Their names are not known, except for their leader, who is called the Witch-King of Angmar. He is ultimately defeated by Eowyn and Merry. Sauron’s defeat takes much longer and has many more moving parts than that of his servant the Witch-King. But is this defeat final? Or does Sauron survive in one form or another?

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It depends on what the Lord of the Rings said about the Maiar, and that’s not much. Yet other Tolkien books such as The Silmarillion discuss it. In the world of The Lord of the Rings, There is a creator god who is known as Eru Ilúvatar, who first created beings known as Ainur, or the Valar and Maiar, who aided Ilúvatar with the creation of the world. One of the Valar, however, turned bad. It was the ruler of Sauron, Melkor, also known as Morgoth. Sauron is therefore a Maiar, one of the Ainur who are not as powerful as the Valar but who remain quite intimidating. Sauron is one of the most powerful Maiar and has learned a lot from Vala Aulë the Blacksmith. All Ainur are immortal, which makes Sauron’s fate interesting. The the Lord of the Rings the story itself could answer the question of what happens to Sauron after the destruction of the Ring. Gandalf seems to believe that with the destruction of the Ring, Sauron would become an evil spirit who could no longer resume any physical form.

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This, if this is Sauron’s fate, would mean that he could no longer interfere in the affairs of Middle-earth. And maybe it is. If anyone knew, it would be Gandalf. Not only is Gandalf an intelligent being, his goal in Middle-earth is to defeat Sauron. Gandalf is actually a Maia and an Istar or a wizard sent to Middle-earth to help the people of the land fight Sauron. Therefore, his entire focus revolves around Sauron and the Ring. It is crucial for Gandalf that Sauron is defeated, which is why he is resurrected until his goal is achieved. Gandalf did not stay in Middle-earth for very long thereafter. He crowns Aragorn, reunites with his other friends in the Fellowship of the Ring, and, in the books, goes to talk to Tom Bombadil. It is not known what he does between then and when he meets Frodo and the other Hobbits to take the ship with Frodo to the Eternal Lands.

Sauron survives in one form or another after the destruction of the Ring. However, since he has put so much of his own power into the Ring, he only exists as an evil spirit and cannot do anything. Instead of having control over everyone in Middle-earth, Sauron barely has control over his own destiny. A fitting ending for the villain of the Lord of the Rings. Although he does not perish entirely, he is no longer a threat. And so Gandalf has completed his mission and the inhabitants of Middle-earth are safe. The fact that Sauron is not entirely destroyed, however, shows Tolkien’s philosophy in the face of evil. Do not destroy the evildoer, but take away the ability to do more harm. Make sure they face consequences of some sort, but don’t become harmful in the quest to right the wrongdoer. It’s a great way to look at it and could inspire a lot. the Lord of the Rings fans who deal with harmful people in their own lives.

While most people don’t face Sauron-like evil, there are certainly some bad people out there in the real world. And any the Lord of the Rings fans who come in contact with them might be inspired by the defeat of the heroes but not the destruction of Sauron to do something similar. Of course, not all the Lord of the Rings the fan will agree on Sauron’s fate. Some might think it was completely destroyed. While others might not see his defeat but not his complete destruction as very important or inspiring. It’s good, everyone is different. Yet, given what is known about Sauron and Gandalf’s mission in Middle-earth, this explanation certainly makes a lot of sense. After all, Sauron, being a Maia, would be difficult to destroy entirely. And Gandalf, if Sauron reformed again, should have stayed in Middle-earth. The fact that he’s gone confirms that Sauron is no longer a threat to anyone.

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