Frodo wore Sauron’s ring in The Lord of the Rings, but a few passages in the novels seem to suggest he did more than that.

Forged by Sauron, to contain all of his rage, malice and will to dominate, the One Ring is what caused all the problems in The lord of the Rings. He was to be kept away from Sauron at all costs and ultimately destroyed. However, whoever wears the ring to Mount Doom would, for a time, have the ability to wield immense power – and, as the saying goes, power corrupts. This is why the most powerful of them – Gandalf, Galadriel, and Elrond – all refused to touch the One Ring for fear it would corrupt them.

So, at the Council of Elrond, a decision had to be made. Arguments arose, but eventually everyone agreed that Frodo would continue as the ring bearer. His unpretentious personality and pure heart were the reasons everyone agreed that he would make the journey to Mordor in the hope of preserving freedom in Middle-earth. Although he had the full faith of the Fellowship, he might not be as pure with the Ring as everyone had hoped.

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It is clear that the ring was a burden on Frodo the whole time he wore it, and the weight only got heavier the more he wore it and the closer they got to Mordor. Slowly but surely it is corrupting him. The first time the One Ring really started to take hold of him was when he, Sam, and Gollum first laid eyes on the Black Gate of Mordor.

When they saw the impenetrability of the door, Gollum offered to take back the ring and let Frodo slip into “beautiful places” forgetting everything. Frodo, however, did not appreciate the suggestion. This is what he said to Gollum in The two towers novel: “The desire for this can betray you to a bitter end. You will never get it back. If necessary, Sméagol, I would put on the Precious; and the Precious mastered you long ago. If I, carrying it, commanded you, you would obey, even if it was to jump off a precipice or to throw yourself into the fire. And that would be my command. At this point, Frodo was warning Gollum not to interfere, but it is clear that the One Ring had started to co-opt Frodo’s thinking in a negative and powerful way.

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frodo versus gollum

Later, Frodo was about to enter the Sammath Naur in the fissures of Mount Doom, when Gollum attempted to take the ring by force. At this point, however, Frodo was almost entirely taken and used the power of the One Ring to drive Gollum away from him. A passage from the Back from the king The novel relates that Frodo appeared to Sam as “a figure dressed in white, but she held a wheel of fire on her chest.” Out of the fire, an authoritative voice spoke. “Go away and don’t bother me anymore!” If you touch me again, you yourself will be thrown into the Fire of Destiny. ‘ “

There was no veiling Frodo’s powerful warning to Gollum, but that didn’t make a difference in the end. Gollum again attacked Frodo in the bowels of Mount Doom, took the ring from his finger, and fell into the fire. What happened was exactly what Frodo said would happen. Faithful to his order, Gollum ends up throwing himself into the fire. Although he accidentally fell, he still could not escape the command of the ring bearer.

This development keeps Gollum’s death from looking like a Disney villain’s death, where the character conveniently slides and falls off a cliff. It also means that Frodo actually used the power of the One Ring against Gollum. In the end, containing evil and resisting power was too much for even the most humble of hobbits. So it’s a good thing that Gandalf, or some other powerful individual, didn’t try to contain the One Ring, as they surely would have used it and become the next Dark Lord or Lady of Middle-earth. .

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