IFC Midnight reveals the first poster of Neill Blomkamp’s Demonic, teasing the District 9 director’s first foray into horror.

IFC Midnight unveils first poster of Neill Blomkamp Demonic tease the District 9 the director’s first foray into horror. Written and directed by Blomkamp, ​​the film centers on a young woman as she unleashes a terrifying demon after supernatural forces are revealed to be the cause of a decades-old rift between mother. and daughter. The film’s cast reunites Blomkamp with Elysium and Rakka star, Carly Pope, who stars alongside Chris William Martin, Michael Rogers and Terry Chen.

Blomkamp caused a sensation in Hollywood after teaming up with producer Peter Jackson to District 9, the feature film adaptation of his 2006 short film, Living in Jobourg. The film’s commercial and critical success, including four Oscar nominations and a nod to the Golden Globes, allowed it to continue exploring the realm of science fiction with the director-led Matt Damon. Elysium and Chappie starring frequent collaborator, Sharlto Copley, and Hugh Jackman. Although none have reached the same bar as District 9, of which he is currently developing a sequel, his name still carries a lot of weight, especially with his first foray into a new genre.

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Almost a month after the film’s first trailer launched, IFC Midnight released Blomkamp’s first poster. Demonic. Featuring a cross made of cybernetic imagery, the key art offers a terror teaser that distorts the reality of the filmmaker’s first shot at the horror genre. Check out the poster below:

Demonic poster

The horror genre is one that so often sees directors attempting to switch to other genres rather than the other way around, which makes Blomkamp Demonic all the more intriguing. As the first trailer showed, his sci-fi sensibilities are still fully on display in the film with his Matrix-like a dream setting, but he’ll be curious to see what he does with such a setting. Where Brad Peyton is Embody took more Start– an esque approach to its mix of sci-fi and horror tech, resulting in a schlocky effort, Blomkamp’s take certainly looks a lot more interesting.

From terrifying imagery of evil spirits themselves to a more poignant character dynamic at the heart of its story similar to last year’s Sundance darling, Relic, the film already looks very promising. Should Demonic Turning out to be as thoughtful and terrifying as the trailers and poster have suggested so far, Blomkamp could have a very bright future in the horror genre. Only time will tell as the film hits theaters and digital platforms on August 20.

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Source: IFC Midnight

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