There are 13 – count them, 13 – puzzles to solve in the “Nightmare on Main Street” of the Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton. Annika from the library said the puzzles included everything from jumbles, crosswords and trivia to drawing and even a boggle challenge. The booklet lists the companies involved on the first page. The rules are on the last page.

This is a free, family-oriented Halloween contest, using a small flyer available at the Bitterroot Public Library on State Street, just one block from Main. The flyer contains pages dedicated to the 13 challenges that are displayed on various business windows. For example, the window puzzle of the Chapter One bookstore deals with “Riddles In The Dark”, which is an important chapter in The Hobbit. Another window contains the list of words you should find in the brochure’s word search page. There is even a drawing exercise that includes two pictures of house flies.

The Spooky Family Literary Walk celebrates Halloween and the contest runs until the end of the month. Many prizes are available, including admission to the ever popular “Field of Scream” corn maze north of Hamilton.

This is the first time that Nightmare on Main and library staff have hoped that entire families or just groups of people organize teams to solve the different types of challenges. All ages can be affected. Often, store owners and clerks don’t have additional information, so your intelligence is key – and the more the brain is involved …

When you are done with the “Nightmare,” return the brochure to the library. Some of the challenges will require you to do some reading which is appropriate. After all, it’s a library contest!

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