It had been about 24 hours since the end of “Dunes” I was at the movies. day approx. And The important thing is that the tension is still holding me back related to viewing this production. In fact, I’m glad I took the time to start writing this text. Why? Well, if you started right away when you got home, it would probably be something like a “praise review”. We already have the evaluation text (here), and it’s not about issuing a card.

The important thing in all of this is that I do not belong in any case to the group “Daniarzi” (By the way, more interesting than the name itself is Dirty Storm, which sank in my pop culture bubble – fiercer fights than Arrakis), and I didn’t wait long for it to debut. . Every postponement of the preview was a little less than “indifference” to me, and I watched the trailers, because it was a bit disrupted by my job.

I started the book, I never finished. The only thing I have are relatively pleasant memories of some scenes and getting used to the name of Atreides on Atryda’s account (which made a lot of noise under one of the short stories). I went there anyway. A little scared, a little impassive, and yet a little curious. After all, we’re talking about something that was meant to usher in a new era in the fantasy genre. and what? Wow.

A revolution like this

As i mentioned I will not write a review here. However, it is worth devoting at least one paragraph to sharing your happiness. There is something to be resolved. From the fantastic visuals and set design to the phenomenal music and sound effects of Hans Zimmer, to the fantastic cast and wonderful “update” to themes originally raised by Herbert himself. I am intrigued, I will not hide.

However, there is no doubt that this is not a production for everyone. Labor develops slowly, Or suffice to say that the 2.5 hours they spend at the movies are just the first part. Several scenes were extended and some parts seemed to be slowing down. Is this wrong? not at all. For me, it was an action that perfectly highlighted the tone of the production. If the weather is in tune with the emotions conveyed by the characters, why can’t speed do it?

Already during the film it happened to me I had similar feelings during the Lord of the Rings screening.. Either way, the pace of the procedure’s development was something to set the mood, and in both cases we were dealing with something that was a bit ahead of its time. I’m also not afraid to say – although that might be seen as an abuse – that we can talk about a revolution in the fantasy genre anyway. However, this is still only the first part.

This is just the beginning

And just like in the case of the movie “The Lord of the Rings”, “Dunes” is also meant to be a trilogy. OK, At least that’s what Denis Villeneuve assumes for nowe. Given the reception of the First Edition, it can be assumed that Warner Bros. He has already assured the manager that he will give him what he needs so that he can move forward with the project. The beginning of the dream? Even if it wasn’t, it is very close to it.

The difference between the two triplets (One in two decades and just being born) is of course the fact that if in the first case we can watch each movie separately, in the second … well, in “Dune” we didn’t have a final. There is no punch line. And even though it’s a road movie, you don’t see the end of it, and there isn’t even a horizon where the finish line looms. This is the biggest obstacle at the moment.

It is difficult to judge a work without knowing its end. At present, many seem to suggest that Paul’s trilogy will be written in large print on the pages of a fairy tale. I feel like we had to wait twenty years for a film that offers a similar level of refinement, a quality similar to the original adaptation of the book, and something very ambitious in the genre.

to sum up

i am so attentive I’m probably going too far for a lot of peopleCompare the beginnings of “Dunes” to the iconic game “The Lord of the Rings”. But for me, it’s a similar measure and event that has a similar impact on society. It had been a long time since I had seen so many people talking about the same subject. The last time, as far as the movies are concerned, it was probably “Avengers: End of the Game”, but let’s face it, it’s a “phenomenon” of a whole different kind.

day 3

I feel like if everything goes the right way then In a dozen years, the trilogy will be rememberedAnd the praise versions jumped to 16,000 and other goodies. As long as the universe isn’t cluttered with dozens of episodic elements, series, and animation, the whole could be something special for years to come. Star Wars was a pioneer in the realm of science fiction, but their rituals – in the context of the first trilogy – are unclear due to the flow of matter.

And although I personally have nothing to expand a universe – Especially since in the “Dune” there are already a lot of options for that. Personally, I would like the trilogy to function as a separate entity. I hope we don’t have to play with Paul’s sons or Baron’s distant cousins ​​or Leto Atreda’s lost brothers later. Let the side strands show, but they are a far cry from the ones we have today.

I think this story will end the way it started which is great. The new Lord of the Rings? Everything indicates it. Got a lot of praise? Maybe yes, but it’s hard to put too much joy aside.

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