While Peter Jackson The Lord of the Rings the movies were long enough, there still comes a time when you have to make some tough creative decisions. We don’t need to see the Hobbits using the bathroom, we don’t need to see how surprised enemies and allies navigate the terrain to appear in front of our heroes … and we don’t you don’t really need to see the chatter that the Fellowship of the Ring has made with each other, although you might think it could be a lot of fun to do so. This is where comedian Joz Norris comes in.

On his YouTube channel, Norris has made this task of his life. He will do his best to give the audience a sense of the mundane and boring discussions that likely took place between the various members of Frodo’s Order as they passed through Middle-earth in the hopes of getting rid of the ‘Unique Ring and defeat Sauron.

The episode seen below begins with Norris asking his invisible companion (you are put in that character’s shoes) if their feet (presumably Hobbit) are truly immune to pretty much any routine injury you might suffer while in a long hike.

“Okay, let’s play a game: guess what I’m thinking,” he later narrates, in a twist on a common joke in isolation-based comedies. “… It’s the ring, yeah.”

How did it come together?

“I hiked for 6 days and wondered why there weren’t more scenes in the the Lord of the Rings where everyone is just trying to think of what to talk about, ”says Norris in the video description above.

Considering that Amazon has spent billions of dollars to The Lord of the Rings, and the stories told on this show won’t remake the movies or directly tell Tolkien’s stories, but instead will feature new stories set in the world of Middle-earth, don’t be too surprised if we don’t get absolutely nothing like that. However, we can hope!

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