A sociology professor at the UNIVERSITY of Essex stars in a groundbreaking new documentary series on Channel 5.

Professor Pamela Cox provides onscreen analysis for the new tripartite series Thirties in Color: Countdown to War.

The show takes black-and-white films of the era and colors the footage in an effort to bring the footage to life.

Providing a remarkable window into one of the most turbulent decades in British history, it features footage of many familiar events, such as the Battle of Cable Street, an England vs Germany football match featuring an infamous salute Nazi and the opening of the very first Butlins festival. to park.

Professor Cox said: “It was great to be a part of this series and to see the thirties come to life.

“An event like the Battle of Cable Street – where the East End community came to challenge Oswald Mosley – may be familiar to us, but this streak gives it a new immediacy. ”

The Battle of Cable Street colorized

The series was inspired by the Peter Jackson film They Shall Not Grow Old, which restored and colorized footage from WWI silent films.

Other commentators include author Onyeka Nubia, National Trust curator Helen Antrobus and children’s author Michael Rosen.

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Professor Cox, who also represents New Town and Christ Church Ward on Colchester Council, is no stranger to television appearances having previously appeared on Channel 5’s Edwardian Britain in Color as well as the BBC series Servants and Shopgirls.

The first episode of Thirties in Color focuses on directing.

Narrated by Imelda Staunton, it premiered on Tuesday and will continue the next two Tuesdays.

You can catch up online through My5 at www.my5.tv.

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