Cody simpson opened up about his separation from Miley Cyrus for the very first time and we were waiting for news from the poetic prince.

Talk to 60 minutes, the Australian muso explained that he and Miley felt their relationship had reached a natural end.

“I had known her for a long time at that point,” Cody said of his relationship with Miley, adding, “not as a mentor but still a very creative person.”

“We went from being good friends, to just having a lot of the same friends, to being together for a while,” he continued. “It all ended amicably, and that was just one of those phases, I guess. You go through [it] and you learn a lot from it. “

Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus dated for almost a year before quitting in August 2020.

In August, Miley addressed her love life, including her separation from another Australian, Liam hemsworth, from whom she divorced in 2019.

“A year ago, almost on this exact date, the media tried to tell my story for me and control my narrative, and I just don’t accept that,” Miley Cyrus said on Instagram Live, in reference. to her divorce.

She then discussed her and Cody’s breakup, sharing, “So today it appeared that my boyfriend and I broke up. This has been confirmed by a “trusted source” even though no one is trustworthy in a relationship except the two people involved in it. “

“But, at the moment, two halves cannot make a whole and we are individually working on ourselves to become the people we want to be,” continued Miley Cyrus. “Like everyone at this age, we just decide who we want to be with our lives, what we want to do with our lives. And so, don’t make a dramatic fuss if next week we hang out or buy pizza. We have been friends for 10 years and we will continue to be friends.

As she said, “Don’t do something that it isn’t. And that being said, I’m done with the bullshit.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson seem to thrive after the split, with Miley having pulled out bang after bang while Cody kills him in his swimming career, so all is well that ends well I would say.

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