New Zealand is a wonderful place recognized around the world for its breathtaking scenery. As such, many would love to build their homes there in order to enjoy the visual shows it has to offer. Cheshire Architects have built a magnificent structure called Fielding House which offers its occupants panoramic views that some people would give.

Of course, those who love their high fantasy love to call New Zealand Middle-earth. Since famous director Peter Jackson filmed The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies there, people flocked in record numbers.

The Fielding House takes what the island country has in abundance and turns it into a beautiful setting. Of course, those who live there would be the envy of everyone, but for a different reason.
“The house is a glass pavilion sitting in the dune landscape above a coastal golf course,” according to Cheshire Architects.

It is located somewhere with all the glory of nature on display at each of its four corners. Likewise, it seems to be in a prime spot for anyone who enjoys hitting links in their spare time. The Fielding house is mainly made up of two planes: the roof and the ground floor. What forms a link between them are three wooden support cones.

Cheshire Architects also points out that there is a lower floor. You will find the garage, the technical room, the storage and a guest suite. Meanwhile, back on the ground floor, we have floor-to-ceiling glass panes to let in as much natural light as possible.

The wood-coated cylinders aren’t just for show. Each has a separate function to match the space. One has a fireplace, the other has a bathroom, while the last is the kitchen. The Fielding House is an impressive house.

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Images courtesy of Cheshire Architects

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