Plus, why everyone loves watching Liam Neeson punch people in the face.

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With writer-director Jonathan hensleighthe new film of The ice road now streaming on Netflix, I recently spoke to Benjamin walker on the making of the action thriller. The film is about a “big truck” ice road driver (Liam neeson) who must lead a rescue mission across a frozen ocean to rescue dozens of trapped miners in northern Canada. It’s a race against time to keep everyone from running out of oxygen, and as they make their way through the frozen water they have to make do with thawing waters, a huge storm and a threat. that no one saw coming. The ice road also stars Amber Middle of Thunder, Marcus thomas and Laurence Fishburne.

During the interview, Walker explained why everyone loves watching Neeson punch people in the face, getting down to business with Neeson and Fishburne, why the safe folks in the movie told him to open the window if the truck fell. in ice water, and more. Additionally, we talked about what people would be surprised to learn about making Jessica jones, how amazing New Zealand dairy products are, and the Amazon the Lord of the Rings series he is currently filming. While I know everyone would love to know more about the topic of the show, Walker explained to me why you shouldn’t want to learn from spoilers:

“I really can’t say much, and here’s the thing. It’s usually annoying when they tell you not to talk about it. On that one, I kinda agree with them. Because there is. has so much attention and because there is so much going on it’s important that we protect it. So I really can’t say much except that you’ll be happy to know so little when you will see it.

As a big fan of LOTR, I’m so excited to see this series when it finally airs on Prime Video.

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Check out what he had to say in the player above and below, that’s exactly what we talked about.

Benjamin Walker:

  • Our love for New Zealand and their dairy products.

  • Does he think he’s tweeting too much?

  • What TV series would he like to be a guest on?

  • What people might be surprised to learn about making Jessica jones?

  • Which theater does he prefer to perform in and which is his favorite to watch something?

  • What happened to him while maybe playing Beast in X-Men: First Class?

  • Why do people like to watch Liam Neeson punch people in the face?

  • I jokingly ask how much he paid to work with Neeson and Laurence Fishburne.

  • How Neeson made a waterfall where he entered the icy water.

  • What people might be surprised to learn about making The ice road?

  • How they were told if the truck started to go in the water, be sure to open the window.

  • How did he get his LOTR role?

  • Do they feel like they are doing something huge?

  • Can he say something about his character and the show?

  • Was it weird signing a series that could last for many years?

  • When does he finish filming?


Image via Netflix

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Plus, if he bothers when people ask him if he’s in “The Matrix 4”.

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