Eragon Author Christopher Paolini and fans are bringing thunder to Disney for a #EragonRemake which is an “appropriate adaptation” of Paolini’s fantasy novel series on Disney +. 20th Century Fox adapted Eragon, the first book in Paolini’s internationally successful series The inheritance cycle, in a 2006 live-action feature film starring Ed Speelers, Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Irons. Raising a modest $ 250 million worldwide on an announced budget of $ 100 million, Eragon did not take off as a franchise despite first director Stefan Fangmeier’s prediction that books two and three, Elder and Brisingr, would have film back to back as a single production like the two Disney premieres Pirates of the Caribbean sequelae.

15 years later, Paolini rallies an army of Alagaësians on social media to urge fans to tell Disney that “we want to see a real Eragon adaptation. ”The Walt Disney Company acquired 21st Century Fox in 2019, giving control of Eragon at Disney.

At over 30,000 tweets and counting, fans who tweet a storm are hoping Disney will adjust properly Eragon after author Rick Riordan announced his own series of young adult novels, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, would receive a more faithful adaptation as a live-action series on Disney +. As Eragon, 20th Century Fox adapted the first Percy Jackson delivered, The Lightning Thief, in a 2010 feature film that left book fans – and Riordan – disappointed.

Paolini wrote on Reddit that if Disney restarts Eragon, the books are likely to be adapted as a series on Disney + instead of another feature film.

“I push very hard [for a new adaptation] and there are moves online to make a tweet storm or get a hashtag trending and see if we can get Disney’s attention, ”Paolini told the Flights through Alagaësia podcast last month. “And the point is that stuff works. It really works. It lets the studio know that there is a fan base, that they are active, that they are engaged and that they care about the equipment.”

The inheritance cycle is a farm boy of about 15 years old, Eragon, the first of a new order of Dragon Trees, who joins his dragon ally Saphira in the fight against the tyrannical king of Alagaësia. Here’s how fans are calling for a #EragonRemake:

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