An art and photography exhibition will be held in the mall over the next two weeks.

Blackburn College University Center students of six art-focused courses display their work in two empty units in the mall.

The work will take place in the former Peter Jackson unit and in a former optician unit across from Halifax and Marks and Spencer.

They will also organize a digital exhibition of the work in addition to the physical exhibition.

One of the fine arts students, Ian Mathison, presents an article about his experience earlier this year with Covid-19.

He said: “The whole experience of working in front of people – especially painting or working in 3D, there is another dimension that you can see in the flesh,

“We’re all very excited that we’re going to be working in front of people and hopefully getting attention.

““ Last year the promotion was stuck with digital exposure, so we’re happy to have both. ”

The work of final year students of the Fine Arts, Fashion and Textiles, Photography, Animation, Illustration and Graphics courses will be exhibited from June 12 to 23 in the two shops.

Another fine arts student, Melisa Metcalfe, 26, said: “I have a young son so I chose to study in Blackburn because it was convenient and local as I had other commitments. important.

“Next year, I hope to do a PGCE in primary education with the aim of becoming a teacher.

“The course at Blackburn College has been absolutely brilliant for me and I’m excited to move on, but I will miss my time studying fine arts.”

Creative, Digital and Community School Associate Director Jenna Gardner said: “This year has certainly been a challenge for our undergraduates – many have had to adapt their practice and make significant changes to the way they work.

“We are incredibly proud of how they all rose to the challenge and produced an incredible job despite these circumstances.”

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