Sauron has been the main antagonist of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but Amazon’s new series sets up an even greater threat – Melkor.

Although little is known about the new the Lord of the Rings TV series, this seems like an even more formidable villain than Sauron might seem. Throughout the the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sauron is the primary threat that Frodo and his community seek to defeat. Defeated by Isildur at the end of the Second Age, Sauron finally recovers thousands of years later in the Age of The Hobbit, and begins to seek the One Ring that will fully restore its power. Thanks to the heroism of Frodo and many others, this eventuality is never realized, and the full power of Sauron is never felt during the Third Age. All species breathe a collective sigh of relief.

From the set the Lord of the Rings The story is about preventing the return of Sauron, it is hard to imagine a greater power, but in the past Sauron was only the disciple of a bigger and better Dark Lord – Melkor. While Sauron is a Maia, Melkor was a Vala (compared in height to angels and archangels), which meant that Melkor was very dominant in the hierarchy, and although Sauron took over the role of his master threatening Middle-earth , he remained a worshiper of Melkor (who would later be renamed Morgoth after his corruption).

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Morgoth was only defeated by the combined power of his fellow Valar, who set out in a glorious army to defeat their own Lucifer. This battle happened at the end of the First Age and Morgoth has not been spotted since, so few fans expected that the Lord of the Rings‘biggest villain would appear in Amazon the Lord of the Rings television series, which had confirmed the Second Age as a framework. The very first image from the show, however, strongly suggests otherwise. The image reveals the two trees of Valinor – Telperion and Laurelin. These divine creations were revered for their light and beauty, and existed before Tolkien’s first age before being destroyed by – you guessed it – Melkor.

Melkor Morgoth and Ungoliant in The Lord of the Rings

This Amazon the Lord of the Rings the series featuring the two trees of Valinor (and showed them in its first promotional image, no less) strongly implies that viewers will see how these trees were poisoned. Surely that means an appearance of Melkor is inevitable, possibly alongside his spider-like crime partner, Ungoliant (a distant ancestor of the Lord of the Rings‘own arachnid, Shelob). Even though Amazon’s Valinor scenes are just one part of a flashback sequence galloping through the greatest events in Middle-earth history, Melkor is almost certain to feature – an unexpected treat few would have liked. hoped for when Amazon’s “Second Age” project was first announced.

Any appearance of Melkor / Morgoth in a live-action setting is a huge OK. To begin with, it is responsible for triggering the darkness still present during the the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Melkor not only indoctrinates and corrupts Sauron, but he also transforms a perfect and idyllic Middle-earth into a world of monsters and shadows seen in the Lord of the Rings. Whether it’s Balrog, Shelob, Sauron, or even the feud between elves and dwarves, virtually all bad things in Middle-earth can be directly or indirectly attributed to Melkor, making the villain one of the most successful creations. most important of Tolkien. As brief as its appearance on Amazon Prime Video may be, audiences should gain a much more in-depth understanding of the the Lord of the Rings tapestry after seeing Melkor in action.

Melkor’s live-action debut also marks a drastic change in scaling power from The Lord of the Rings. The three most powerful characters in the trilogy are Sauron (although he is formless), Gandalf, and Galadriel – and Melkor’s power greatly eclipses all three. If the original Dark Lord were to pass when the Amazon TV series premiered in September 2022, fans should see a very brutal and very exciting escalation of magical prowess in the live action. the Lord of the Rings Kingdom.

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