Amazon’s seemingly fabulous Lord of the Rings show finally has a release date: September 2, 2022, according to an official tweet.

the Tweeter didn’t just have a date – it included a single still image from the show, of a figure in white on a green hill overlooking a large white city and, in the background, a sunset illuminating two colossal trees. Tolkien nerds, start your engines.

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While it’s disappointing to hear that we’ll have to wait another year for the Lord of the Rings show to air, it fits the timeline we formed from rumors and advice – last month, the star of the series Benjamin Walker Noted that they were still shooting at the time. Given the quality of the CGI used in the screenshot above, and the reported Budgeting $ 465 million for the first season alone, it makes sense that Amazon would need months to a year to digitally build itself into a world fit for Middle-earth.

Analysis: now that’s why I’m Tolkien

Thanks to the summary published in January, we know that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show will cover the Second Age of Middle-earth when “great powers were forged, kingdoms became glory and fell to ruin, unlikely heroes were tested, hope lies only with the finest threads. , and the greatest villain ever to come from Tolkien’s pen threatened to cover the entire world in darkness.

That villain is Sauron, of course, and we expect the series to explore how “The Deceiver” has taken up the torch from his former boss Morgoth (the first age foe of Middle-earth) to oppose first. to the greatest strength in the mortal world. – the human kingdom of Númenor, similar to Atlantis – and then be taken prisoner, only to corrupt it from within.

It’s a bit of a spoiler, although humanity’s fall from Heavenly Grace has been in the pages of the Bible-like Silmarillion since it was first published in 1977 – and we see the fallout from that conflict in the scenes of opening of Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring, when the Last Alliance of Elves and Men will bring down Sauron and end the Second Age.

Back to the new tweet: is it Númenor? Perhaps – the structures certainly have the appearance of white stone and rounded dome of Gondor, as shown in Jackson’s trilogy. More revealing, the two trees in the distance can only be Telperion and Laurelin, the silver and gold trees of the paradisiacal paradise of Valinor that light up the world day and night – which could be seen from the island of Númenor. , which rested between the land of the gods and Middle-earth.

And the white figure, who looks at the city and the trees? It could be a Númenorean – perhaps Ar-Pharazôn, the last king who conquered and then was influenced by Sauron – but no, it’s probably the Deceiver himself, dressed in white to make his way through. path in the hearts of men. As the Silmarillion says: “And [Sauron] was cunning, well gifted at earning what he would gain by subtlety when strength could not be used. This is why he humbled himself before Ar-Pharazôn and smoothed his tongue; and the men were amazed, for everything he said seemed right and wise.

Or, um, it could be someone else. But until we get more official news and footage from Amazon, it remains for us to speculate on what will happen on Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show.

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