Feel closer to Mary with these simple ideas.

May is a month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, so you might want to consider all of the different ways you can invite Mary into your life.

Celebrate it in song

While there are some prayers we can say to Mary, why not try your hand at singing? There are a number of songs and hymns that honor the Blessed Mother, and you can sing along with your kids as you tackle spring cleaning, go to stores, or sing lullabies while they fall asleep. .

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Consider its many titles

You may want to know more about the different titles given to the Blessed Virgin. While you may be familiar with a few, check out the different ways people call it across the world. The various meanings will help you understand your own faith even more.

10 Little Known Songs for Mary

Name a newborn baby after her

If you’re about to welcome a newborn baby to your family, you might honor Mary by choosing her name for your little baby. Whether it’s a first or middle name, there are so many lovely combinations to choose from.

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Discover its beauty through a great literary

English writer JRR Tolkien is known for his impressive way of putting pen to paper. However, the devout Catholic made many references to his faith – as well as to the Virgin Mary – in his writings. Take the time to marvel at her beauty from someone who has had no qualms about showing her love and admiration for her.

How JRR Tolkien spoke about the beauty of Mary

Involve your children in this charming tradition

It is important that the children feel close to Mary as well, especially this month. So why not involve them in an old tradition of crowning the Blessed Mother? If you have a statue of her at home, you can easily make a floral wreath (it doesn’t have to be perfect) and place it on her head. The children could sing a song and say a Hail Mary to honor it.

This May Heartwarming Tradition Will Help Your Children Love Mary

Create a prayer corner in his honor

More and more Catholics have introduced prayer corners in their homes. While you can create your own corner dedicated to the religious figures you care about, you can use this month to dedicate one to Mary.

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Approach friendships your way

Forming friendships can be difficult at the best of times, but in the days of COVID, even the closest friendships were strained. You could use this month to rethink those friendships and approach them the way Mary would.

3 ways to approach friendship like Mary did

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