As the scary season passes the temperatures start to drop, the leaves turn color and then fall to the ground, you may find yourself in the mood to stay indoors more often. Fall is in full swing folks, so that means it’s time to sit back, pop some popcorn, gather your loved ones, and embark on cinematic journeys. Whether you’re looking for a long or fast trilogy, here are some great places to start, provided you have the required streaming services:

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (HBO Max)

This one is for all Tolkien fans. I know you are looking for an excuse to revisit this classic trilogy, or maybe you are looking for an excuse to experience these movies for the first time. Either way, whether you choose the theatrical or extended cuts, now is the perfect time of year to travel to Middle-earth. For those who don’t know, The Lord of the Rings follows Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), Gandalf (Ian McKellen), Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) and a set of humans, elves, dwarves and hobbits as they continue their quest to destroy the One Ring and defeat the lord of darkness, Sauron.

The Pixar Collection (Disney +)

If you’re not ready for a nine-hour longer frenzy through Middle-earth, then perhaps an even longer frenzy through the ever-expanding Pixar universe is for you. These aren’t all fall movies, but they’re like comfort food, feeling warm and at home on their own. Whether you want to watch all 24 movies (not in one sitting), a few of their movies, or a franchise they’ve made, these are all good choices. The most autumnal films in their catalog are Courageous, The Incredibles, Up, Wall-E, coco and Soul.

The Harry potter series (HBO Max)

Another magically long frenzy is that of the Harry potter franchise, which spans eight films, maybe more if you count the Fantastic beasts movies (not on HBO Max at time of writing). Now is the perfect time to watch Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) grow up and fight Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). The films are always very hot, orange and give a feeling of straight fall. There isn’t much to say about these films that hasn’t already been said, you might as well start your replay now.

The Indiana Jones serial (Paramount +)

Yeah, they might be summer blockbusters, but they just have a fall feeling, at least to me. The Indiana Jones franchise has a warm and intimate feeling to me because I grew up watching them. The last crusade, in particular, is the most autumnal, as it stars Indy, famously played by Harrison Ford, and her father (Sean Connery) awkwardly getting together, like a family Thanksgiving dinner. You can ignore Kingdom of the Crystal Skull if you want, no one will judge.

The black Knight trilogy (HBO Max)

A rereading by Christopher Nolan Batman The Trilogy is a fantastic way to spend a weekend, or a day, if you’re really committed. These are the perfect fall dishes: dark, fun, well-made movies that will make you wish more comic book movies were made like them. You can watch from the start, with Batman begins, or you can start with the phenomenal performances of Heath Ledger in The black Knight, no one will blame you anyway.

The Back to the future trilogy (Peacock) (Free with ads)

Formerly streaming on Netflix, the Back to the future The series now requires you to venture into the depths of NBCUniversal’s Peacock, a journey many do not survive. Luckily, it’s available for free (with ads) if you already have an account, so you can watch or revisit the various misadventures of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) from The Old From the West. in the distant future of 2015. Yes, there may be some weird plot points in hindsight, but it’s still a journey worth taking for the first or the hundredth time.

The matrix series (HBO Max)

While these won’t necessarily be fall movies, there will be a new entry in the dormant franchise soon. So why not prepare the next one The matrix: resurrections with a rereading of the trilogy that started it all. Watch Neo (Keanu Reeves), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) as they fight to escape the titular Matrix. Nothing says more fun than a ’90s Keanu Reeves kicking ass in a trench coat. It also helps support the films during the month of November as it is Transgender Awareness Month and the series was written and directed by trans women Lana and Lilly Wachowski.

Note: These movies are subject to change where they are shown over time, but their locations are accurate at the time of writing.

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