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the Atlanta hawks are potentially going to have De’Andre Hunter sit some games in order to manage the wear on her knee. That’s a concern for a second-year player but not unexpected given the shortened preseason and lack of time spent with the fitness staff.

Hunter was impressive this season, scoring at all three levels, getting stronger and taking on the best defender each night. He was part of the starting line-up when available and for good reason.

However, when a key starter is not available, the rest of the team must mobilize. The starting formation should take a little more load and the bench all rises from one place. Let’s take a look at the five players who need to step up in Hunter’s potential absence.

Atlanta Hawks player becomes number 1) Solomon Hill

We start with Solomon Hill who is most likely to replace Hunter in the starting lineup. The veteran started against the Detroit Pistons when Hunter sat down and had six points, five rebounds and three assists. He played 39 minutes and was 2 of 8 in the field, 2 of 7 in depth.

Going forward, that’s a problem for the Hawks. Hill is very one-dimensional on offense, where he takes 3.5 of his 4.4 deep shooting attempts. One of the reasons the Hawks have been successful with Hunter on the court is his off-ball movement and ability to score in so many different ways.

Hill needs to be more involved in the offense if the Hawks are to continue winning. Defensively he’s solid which will keep him in the starting lineup for a while but he needs to stop the inexplicable turnovers he’s making. Otherwise the Hawks will rush Reddish cam back in the starting lineup.

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