With classic movie remakes and reboots becoming more frequent, here are five movies that should never be remade.

Every year more and more remakes of classic and beloved films are released. Sometimes these remakes live up to the original, like Disney’s 2016 live-action remake. The jungle Book, which managed to hit the high bar set in the 1967 animation. But it seems that, more often than not, fans are unhappy with movie remakes because they fail to capture what made the original film special. With many classics left open for a remake, here are five movies that are just too good to ever be remade.

Back to the Future is an untouchable sci-fi classic

Back to the future

Director Robert Zemeckis has expressed his opinion on Back to the future remakes, reboots and sequels on several occasions. He’s always been adamant that a remake should never happen and that the trilogy should be left untouched, which most fans tend to agree with. On the surface, Back to the future appears to be a simple time travel film with characters correcting their mistakes as they change the weather, which may seem fairly easy for producers to remake. However, there is a little more to it. The trilogy is ultimately a story about a family relationship, with elements of time travel dotted around, rather than time travel being the main focus of the plot.

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Actor Tom Holland has previously confirmed that there had been talks about him and Robert Downey Jr. with Doc Brown and Marty in a remake, although it never came to anything, as Tom himself is d ‘OK. Back to the future cannot be redone.

Jaws is a creature feature that doesn’t need a remake

Jaws (1975) Poster Art

Many would say that the years 1975 Jaws is the best example of Steven Spielberg’s cinema. A little like Back to the future, Jaws has a simple premise on the surface that seems easy to replicate: three men work together to face a shark terrorizing the inhabitants of an island. But there is so much more to Jaws than that, because the film is really about the characters. A police chief, a fisherman and a marine scientist, each with different personalities, are forced together on a boat to deal with the shark. Their dynamics, coupled with the expert construction of the suspense of the music and the reluctance to show the creature, make Jaws way more than the average monster movie.

The Jaws suites are great examples of why Jaws shouldn’t be redone, as both focus on the shark first and foremost, making them dull horrors without depth.

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The Godfather remains the norm for gangster movies

The fact of the years 1972 The Godfather is often ranked among the best films ever made says a lot. The movie created a huge shift in cinema and showed that gangster movies can be more than guys in suits doing shady deals and stabbing in the back. The deep and complex story, mixed with the expert performances of actors Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, is a prime example of what cinema is capable of. Almost every gangster movie since has been inspired by The Godfather, so doing it again would simply be like creating a version that lacks innovation.

Although there was no sign of The Godfather being redesigned, a film by the name of François and the godfather is in production, telling the story of The Godfatherthe production.

Lord of the Rings should end with Peter Jackson’s trilogy

The Lord of the Rings - Elijah Wood's Frodo with a ring

It’s not uncommon for book fans to criticize film adaptations. However, The Lord of the Rings trilogy is as close to a perfect fit as it gets. The movies are huge but manage to feel personal, with each character given the appropriate level of development. Easily among the best adventures projected on screen, behind the scenes of The Lord of the Rings shows what can be done when each level of production is incredibly passionate about the project. From the cast, to the music, to the rhythm and the locations, the trilogy goes so well that it’s hard to believe a remake can top it.

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While Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth saga apparently ended with The Hobbit, a prequel show from Amazon also named The Lord of the Rings should be released at the end of 2022.

Matrix risks losing social commentary with remake

Despite the next Matrix resurrections being sort of a reboot after the 2003 Matrix revolutions ending, the original film remains intact. The Wachowski sisters made no secret of the fact that there is a lot of social commentary in the film, which is a big part of its charm. A remake always risks losing the film’s deep meaning and instead focusing on the literal story of machines trapping humans in a virtual world. And, of course, what is The matrix be without Keanu Reeves.

Matrix resurrections is slated for release in December 2021, and the franchise may continue with several sequels.

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