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Create an Earth Day Jar

To help you and the kids remember that every day can be Earth Day, create a pot filled with environmentally-focused Earth Day activities for kids, suggests SheKnows. Cut out slips of paper, write an activity on each one, such as a nature walk, recycling refresher course, or cleanup day, and put the leftovers in the jar. On the last Sunday of each month (or whichever day works best for you), take out a track and do as it says. Here is more ways to stay environmentally conscious during a pandemic.

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Make biodegradable plastic milk

This science project, courtesy of Dr. Stephanie Ryan, Ph.D., offers a double whammy: your kids can learn a little more about how plastic works, and have fun and make a cool craft to start. The only ingredients you need are milk and white vinegar. Heat two cups of milk on the stove until it is very hot but not boiling. Then add three tablespoons of white vinegar. Pour the mixture into a colander, it will be very hot. You will notice that lumps are accumulating in the colander — Dr. Ryan says it’s called “casein,” and it’s a milk protein that makes up milk. Casein is an example of a monomer, a single molecule of a substance which, when linked to others, forms a polymer.

This experiment provides insight into the formation of plastic. This biodegradable milk plastic is a polymer, like most plastics. “For example,” said Dr Ryan Reader’s Digest, “‘PVC’ stands for polyvinyl chloride.” Whether or not your child is fascinated by science, they will love the fun and whimsical part of it. Rinse off the “plastic” substance, let it cool for several minutes, dab it with a paper towel to soak up the excess liquid, then it will be “a drop or a block, a polymer of caseins,” says Dr. Ryan. . “It’s going to be malleable, you can crush it.”

And there’s more ! Then, once dried (which usually takes a few days), it will hold its shape, just like the plastic you are familiar with. Thus, your little scientist can sculpt it as he sees fit to make it a sustainable profession. Dr. Ryan helped his own children create the shape of the Earth by making two sets of plastic: one with blue food coloring and another, with the recipe cut in half, with green. Check out these brilliant ways other countries are replacing plastic.

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Make dirt cup treats

Everyone loves fun treats, so why not make an Earth Day themed one with your kids? These clay pot treats from are easy to make and really a lot of fun. Get Instant Pudding Jell-O, Crumbled Oreos, Jelly Worms and get to work. Create your own little earthen cup, decorate it with jelly worms, and eat. Speaking of (real) worms, find out the smallest creatures on Earth that play the biggest role in the environment.

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