The internet can be a dark and gloomy place. There’s obviously a lot of horrible content here, but there are also things that are just plain weird and weirdly scary.

Here is a list of those websites that range from slightly weird weird animations to extremely weird websites documenting the number of suicides that occur from a certain bridge. The human mind is a curious thing however, you will probably find this kind of interesting.

Here are some of the scariest websites around!

1. Airplane crash information : Recordings of the last moments of people before the plane crash

This website contains mp3 transcripts of screaming and panicked passengers moments before their plane crashes. It’s a pretty dark thing, to say the least.

2. Date of death : tells you when you are going to die

Listening to that ticking sound is just morbid.

3. Breathtaking beauty : Mysterious worm-based website

This is one of those sites that only exists for the sake of existing. There is a strange, unexplained black worm that follows your mouse and goes wild if you move too fast. It’s weird and off-putting.

4. Ghost dong : An online comic for those who love scary jumps

This Korean comic translated into English is quite scary, especially since it is rather interactive.

This online store specializes in sexual stuff related to Christianity. You can get Holy Lube or a Virgin Mary dildo. In equal parts scary and hilarious (and controversial).

6. Maze game : Simple games, major fears

As long as you have a steady hand with your mouse, you should be fine in this maze game that I was more than a little worried about.

7. Rate my poo : Get people to rate photos of your poop

This site is more disgusting than scary. You upload pictures of poo and the right people on the internet rate it based on how angry or charming (I think) looks. You can finally find out what your poop tried to tell you!

8. Skyway Bridge Jumpers : counts the number of people who commit suicide near the Skyway Bridge

The Skyway Bridge in Florida is the fourth busiest bridge in the United States. This website is actively keeping track of those deaths, which is frightening considering he’s essentially a dedicated suicide tracker.

This website has a plethora of studies, articles, and scientific reasons that support that we could be living in some sort of Matrix-style computer simulation. Just reading this stuff makes you lose touch with reality.

ten. Time cube : A scary page on conspiracy theory

This website has sort of a long, confusing text explaining how a single day is made up of 4 days and that kids should kill adults who don’t believe this basic truth. It’s based on Gene Ray’s personal reality model and is odd to say the least.

11. Terrifying pasta : A treasure trove of spooky stories

The stories here are the stuff of legend, and many of them are even believed to be true. Do you remember the Russian sleep experience? He appeared here first. Check if you haven’t, it will do its job.

This website shows you how little our lives mean in the grandest scheme. You can see births and deaths around the world in green and red dots, constantly flashing. Makes you face your own mortality.

13. Zombo : You can do everything at Zombocom

This website tells you that you can do it all here, without ever really specifying what it is. It’s funny and scary at the same time. “The unattainable is unknown at Zombocom!”

14. Death corridor : Read the last words of those condemned to death

It’s not just about famous inmates, but is continually updated to include the words of those about to be executed. Quite sad and terrifying.

15. Heaven of angels : Site proposing an escape plan for Earth

The site claims that the Earth will be destroyed by disasters and that only loving and believing people whose 4th heart chakra is open will be able to vibrate to a higher dimension. Basically there is a bunch of crazy stuff in there.

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