by netflix Castlevania captivated audiences around the world with his adaptation of Castlevania games, telling the story of Dracula and his burning desire for revenge against the human race and those who have wronged him. Most of the characters are presented with a stellar voice which further enhances the overall experience.

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Some of the voice actors brought in for Castlevania specialize in voiceovers in cartoons and video games, but many of them are also established and well-known actors, bringing voices that viewers may well recognize from elsewhere, through TV series and dramas. movies.

ten Trevor Belmont is voiced by the same actor who brought Thorin Oakenshield to life

Trevor Belmont Castlevania Richard Armitage

Insensitive and cynical Trevor Belmont takes quite a trip over to Netflix Castlevania, both literally and in terms of improving his character and general attitude. It’s a long way, but he blames himself on behalf of his family, past and future, with the legacy of the Belmont family and his budding romance with Sypha respectively.

Seeing it through to the end on behalf of the family is a theme also worn by Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit, and it turns out that Richard Armitage is the voice actor of these two iconic characters.

9 James Callis was a doctor going mad before he became Alucard

James Callis Dr Gaius Baltar Alucard

James Callis brings the soft voice to Alucard, which fits his mysterious character perfectly, whether it’s giving Trevor Belmont a verbal blow, threatening an enemy, or just talking calmly to someone. For those who have watched TV a lot, it may be easy to recognize Callis’ voice from Battlestar Galactica, where he plays Dr Gaius Baltar.

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While James arguably shows more emotion as Baltar, with him descending into insanity, it’s equally impressive that he can convey it all condensed into Alucard’s calm voice.

8 Malcolm McDowell lends his iconic voice to many supporting roles but excels as Varney

Malcolm McDowell has had a long acting career with a wide variety of roles, and is best known for his roles in A clockwork orange and Halloween like Dr. Samuel Loomis. In Castlevania, he voices Varney and Death, and has one of those voices fans will definitely recognize, even if they don’t know where.

Death doesn’t exactly have a lot of dialogue in the series when presented, but his final interaction with Trevor Belmont is vindictive and truly a final battle worthy of. Castlevania, both verbally and physically.

7 Emily Swallow is a recognizable voice of the Mandalorian as well as Lisa Tepes

Emily Swallow Lisa Tepes Mandalorian Armorer

Lisa Tepes may not be in Castlevania all of this, but maybe long enough for the audience to wonder where they recognize the voice from. The voice belongs to Emily Swallow, who for the past few years has been Emily in The Last of Us II, Amara in Supernatural and she was the gunsmith in The Mandalorian.

His voice lends itself well to Lisa Tepes, certainly doing him justice in terms of his fascination with Dracula, not to mention his love and enthusiasm for the sciences and practices he has kept hidden in church.

6 Jason Isaacs plays troubled and disturbed characters as Lucius Malfoy and the Judge

Jason Isaacs Lucius Malfoy the judge

The judge is a sinister and somewhat mysterious character in the third season of Castlevania, having no real name to pass other than a title. Despite his straightforward and slightly disturbing demeanor, his main goal is to keep order in his village, so he works with Sypha and Trevor to try to thwart Prior Sala and his plans.

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This character needed a voice that delivered a harsh tone, with the least degree of sincerity but a voice that generated a certain level of mistrust, making everyone wonder if he was hiding something. Jason Isaacs, well known for playing Draco Malfoy’s father, Lucius, in the Harry potter films, is the man delivering that voice, and that’s exactly what he does.

5 Graham McTavish is masterful in his performance as Dracula

Dwalin Graham McTavish Dracula

To say that the big bald dwarf Dwalin of The Hobbit and the manifestation of rage and revenge himself, Dracula, voiced by the same person is certainly a puzzle, but a testament to Graham McTavish’s exemplary voice-over skills.

While Dwalin always appears to be stern, aggressive, and battle-ready, Dracula is a much more complicated character, with the ability to act calmly while raging inside or instead of losing him completely and unleashing that rage upon him. anyone unhappy to be nearby. Dracula’s terrifying monologue when responding to Godbrand and his complaints is a perfect example of this, and McTavish’s performance in this instance is truly captivating.

4 Jaime Murray seems to excel as vicious and manipulative characters

Jaime Murray Carmilla

Although Dracula is considered to be Netflix’s main antagonist Castlevania, considering all that is going on, Carmilla is perhaps the most hated and pure evil. Her desire to have it all, coupled with her frightening ability to manipulate anyone and her explosive physical strength, arguably makes her more dangerous than Dracula himself.

She is voiced by Jaime Murray, who is no stranger to playing the part of a psychopath, as she plays Lila in Dexter. Lila becomes obsessed with Dexter, arson, and making those who harm her miserable.

3 Peter Stormare brings chaotic masterclass with Godbrand

Peter Stormare Godbrand

Godbrand is one of the most typical vampires, mainly in the simplicity of his nature and desires, he just wants to fight and feast, seeing humans as the enemy and being unable to see anything beyond. Her erratic and chaotic demeanor is perfectly captured by actor Peter Stormare, who has played a number of supporting roles in a variety of games, shows, and films.

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Those who know the TV show Prison Break will likely recognize the voice of John Abruzzi, from the first two seasons of the series. It’s no surprise that Peter Stormare seems to have a lot of villainous roles or those with a sense of moral ambiguity, as he has an overall grim tone about his voice.

2 Theo James delivers a great performance to A Hector

Theo James Hector

Theo James is one of the stars of the Divergent series including Insurgent and Lightening, and he also lends his voice to the human monster forger Hector in Castlevania. Hector’s tone is always gentle despite appearing to be threatened and stressed throughout the series.

Hector’s character arc is ubiquitous, alternating between the roles of protagonist and antagonist, but what remains consistent is his nature that elicits sympathy as he is manipulated, used, and abused.

1 Bill Nighy brings his vast experience and skills, and applies them to Saint Germain

Bill Nighy Saint Germain

Aside from Richard Armitage who plays Trevor Belmont, Saint Germain’s voice is arguably the most recognizable voice in the entire series, as it belongs to Bill Nighy. Bill Nighy has had a long acting career, beginning in 1976, with roles ranging from Underground world at Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry potter at Detective Pikachu.

Whatever role he played, Bill Nighy ordered and delivered what was expected of him and so much more. As Saint Germain, he captures his inquisitive nature perfectly, with bits of humor and later, despair.

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