The Lord of the Rings is a series that doesn’t really focus much on romance, as it’s more about the quest to destroy the ring and themes like war and friendship. However, there are romantic elements in the books, and there are many more that have been added in the movies.

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The main romance in The Lord of the Rings is between Arwen and Aragorn, and Tolkien even detailed their romance quite in depth in the appendices of The king’s return. Many fans love this story and definitely make a fascinating but tragic couple. However, there are other characters who could have been a good match for Arwen.

ten Gandalf

Gandalf using Black Speech during secret council meeting at Rivendell in Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring

To get started, let’s take a look at the less likely candidates. Gandalf is not a very good choice as he is an Istari who was sent to Middle-earth as some kind of angel to help defend it. For this reason, it doesn’t seem like the Istari are interested in romance.

And, while they might not be that different in age as nearly immortal beings, Gandalf looks and looks a lot older than Arwen.

9 Gimli


Gimli is another option that doesn’t make the most sense compared to the other characters on this list due to Tolkien’s lore of elves and dwarves and their long hatred of each other.

Whereas in The Hobbit movies, a romance between an elf and a dwarf is presented as a valid option, it doesn’t really happen in the books or in any Middle-earth story. It’s also hard to imagine Arwen with someone with a more gruff and outspoken personality like Gimli.

8 Boromir

Fortunately, there are some characters that would make a more realistic match for Arwen, at least in appearance and personality, as these two characters at least appear to be in a similar age range adjusting to their respective races.

But, again, all human-elven relationships, even if they did occur, were quite rare. Boromir has a lot of good qualities, but he’s more flawed in a way that Arwen might not completely like.

7 Faramir

Screenshot The Lord of the Rings David Wenham as Faramir

While the same issues regarding the relationship between elves and humans are an issue here, given that Arwen falls for a human in canon, it does make sense. This is mostly because Faramir seems to have a personality that would match Arwen better.

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He is much calmer and more compassionate, and he possesses some of the same qualities as Aragorn. He’s pretty sweet and cares about doing the right thing, so it seems he would get along well with Arwen, who is also more reserved.

6 Figwit

Figwit Lord of the Rings

Figwit is a character who only has a very minor role in the series, but movie fans have had a lot of fun imagining stories for him.

He’s a Rivendell elf who clearly knows who Arwen is, and they interact. So while fans don’t know much about him and his personality, just based on being an elf and living in one place, these two would make sense.

5 Thranduil

In The Lord of the Rings and in Tolkien’s mythology, elves really only have one mate in a romantic sense. They fall in love forever and can easily die of a broken heart, so in that sense Thranduil and Arwen wouldn’t be working because Thranduil was already married.

However, they are both elven royalty and would likely know each other and interact at least to some extent.

4 Bullfight

Tauriel the Hobbit

Tauriel makes a lot of sense as a match for Arwen even though she was a character made up just for The Hobbit movies. So in the context of the canon of the books, that doesn’t make sense. However, when it comes to fan couples, it’s interesting to imagine LGBT + couples because they don’t really exist in canon.

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Arwen and Tauriel are both elves, and they could balance each other out. Arwen is more reserved and looks more like a princess while Tauriel is more fierce and a warrior. But, seeing how Arwen is drawn to types of protectors like Aragorn, they could make a good match.

3 Haldir

Haldir is an elf who is named in the books, but he has given more scenes in the movies than in the books. Because Haldir is an elf of Lothlorien, Arwen probably would have known him well. Haldir is a Guardian and March Guard who worked for Galadriel, and Galadriel is Arwen’s grandmother.

It is also explained in the books that Arwen often spent time in Lorien, so she allegedly got to know Haldir on some level.

2 Eowyn

the Lord of the Rings

Although Eowyn and Arwen do not interact onscreen at all, they reportedly got to know each other after Arwen married Aragorn and Eowyn married Faramir.

So while that doesn’t make sense given the canon, these two women would be quite a good match. They are both strong and intelligent women in their own way, and Eowyn is a shield girl with a lot of royalty in her blood, just like Arwen. Although Arwen seems less outgoing, they seem to get along well.

1 Legolas

Legolas in the Hobbit

Legolas and Arwen may never interact in the books or movies, but this couple makes a lot of sense if Aragorn is out of place.

They are both elven nobles, as Legolas is the son of King Thranduil and Arwen is the daughter of Elrond. They are both well educated and would have known each other as the elven community is quite small. It is likely that they would have been at least friendly with each other.

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