Fans of the Lord of the Rings know that the romance between Arwen and Aragorn is one of the main ones in the series. This relationship is loved by many fans, and while the books only make history in the appendices, the films have incorporated this narrative into the films themselves.

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However, while Arwen and Aragorn were a great couple with a rather beautiful but heartbreaking story, there are other characters who could have been a good match for Aragorn as well. While some are more likely candidates than others, here are the main people he could have been other than Arwen with.

ten Galadriel

Cate Blanchett as Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings

This match might seem a little odd if fans think about canon, but it can work depending on the personality. Of course, Arwen is Galadriel’s granddaughter and she’s also married, so that would only work in one side of the story when those two factors weren’t there.

However, since there aren’t many female characters on the show, she’s one of the few options for another straight couple.

9 Samwise

Sean Astin as Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings

In the canon of The Lord of the Rings, there really isn’t a lot of relationship between different races of beings. That’s why it’s so rare for a love story like Arwen and Aragorn’s to exist, but fans like to imagine things being a little different.

While Samwise is a little less hardened by the world than Aragorn, they are both quite compassionate people who enjoy taking care of and watching over others. However, Sam is a better match for someone like Frodo.

8 Frodo

Frodo and Aragorn Lord of the Rings

While in the story, Aragorn acts more like a mentor or protector of Frodo, the truth is that they have a strong bond. While in the canon it could be more platonic, they understand each other and Frodo really trusts Aragorn.

He is the only member of the Brotherhood besides Sam, whom Frodo believed he could trust to go to Mordor with him. So while they’re probably best as friends, this isn’t a couple.

7 Boromir

Lord of the Rings Aragorn and Boromir Purse in Lothlorien

While the movies do emphasize that these two are connected in a way that feels family-like, they really aren’t closely related at all. Their sibling relationship has more to do with the fact that they are both related to Gondor and the fact that Boromir was a steward of Gondor while Aragorn came from the lineage of kings.

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These two would be interesting as rivals for romantic couples because they don’t always get along. Boromir is threatened that Aragorn might return as king, but they come to respect and care for each other.

6 Gandalf

Aragorn and Gandalf talk

The main reason this pairing wouldn’t work is because Gandalf is an Istari, and they can sort of be seen as angels who don’t really form romantic relationships.

Gandalf is sent to Middle-earth to help protect it from evil, and none of the Istari are really involved in the romances. However, if you ignore this story, these two might just get along very well. They support each other and are great friends.

5 Faramir

the Lord of the Rings

While Boromir may be an able-bodied person to associate Aragorn with, Faramir is even more so. For one thing, in the canon, he actually survives, and his personality is much more in line with Aragorn’s.

In the books in particular, Faramir isn’t tempted by the Ring at all, and he’s generally someone with compassionate and leadership qualities just like Aragorn. He also becomes the ruler of Ithilien and is said to have worked alongside Aragorn as he grew older.

4 Haldir

Craig Parker as Haldir in The Lord of the Rings

Haldir is a character that appears in the books, but is given a somewhat extended role in the films when he shows up in Helm’s Deep at the head of an army of elves from Lothlorien. It’s clear in interactions with Aragorn that these two know and respect each other.

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While Hair is a supporting character that doesn’t have as many scenes, these two seem like a good match. They are both skilled warriors and they would provide a balance between them.

3 Gimli

Aragorn throws Gimli in two rounds

While dwarves and humans aren’t really known in Middle-earth history for romantic relationships, fans love couples who involve members of the community.

While Legolas and Gimli are a more popular ship, many people also enjoy a polyamorous relationship featuring the three of them. Aragorn and Gimli become close friends throughout their journey and begin to rely on each other. Aragorn is a little more calm and collected while Gimli is a little more outspoken, but that would keep things interesting.

2 Legolas

Of all the couples on this list, Legolas and Aragorn are the one that makes the most sense. These two in the books had known each other for a long time before Council of Elrond, and they were already good friends by then.

Legolas is always there to support and defeat Aragorn, and Aragorn also looks after Legolas’ well-being. They have a lot in common and they are true friends with a relationship that could have been more romantic.

1 Éowyn

Other than Arwen, Éowyn is the only character that Aragorn has a potential romance with with Cannon. Although he loves Arwen and is committed to her, he sees how much being with Éowyn would make sense and also prevent Arwen from losing her immortality.

Aragorn and Éowyn would also be a good match in terms of personality, as they can both be fierce protectors, but are also generally kind and collected who don’t react with anger.

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