Across the genres, the romantic couples in the movies leave fans wondering whether or not they should be together. Even in movies that aren’t comedies or romantic dramas, romance can be at the heart of the narrative, and it’s definitely a part of the movies that fans really identify with.

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However, in some cases, couples who end up being together at the end of a movie don’t seem to be meant to be for one reason or another. Maybe their personalities don’t match well, like some of the characters in Harry Potter, or maybe their love isn’t well written, like with some MCU couples. These are iconic movie couples that shouldn’t have gotten together at all.

ten Cher and Josh from Clueless

ignoring dear josh kissing at end of movie

Clueless may be one of the most iconic teenage comedies ever made, but the love story doesn’t resonate. Cher and Josh were step-brothers as their parents briefly married, and it feels like they’re better off just being friends.

Although they are no longer legally linked as a family, the best outcome for the film seems to be for them to find a family within each other and to settle down more as siblings than as lovers.

9 Tauriel and Kili from the Hobbit

While some relationships of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are highly regarded by fans, this one has not been widely accepted. This is not really a surprise because this relationship does not exist at all in the book, nor the character of Tauriel for that matter.

Fans felt that didn’t make sense given Tolkien’s universe, and the whole relationship just felt forced and poorly written. I felt like they were trying to create romance when it wasn’t necessary. The relationship just didn’t work out.

8 Nate and Andy from The Devil Wears Prada

Many fans of this movie have strong opinions about who the real bad guys are, and some people feel that Nate was some kind of bad boyfriend while others feel that Andy was a bad girl. friend.

But, the truth is, they probably weren’t good for each other. Andy was highly motivated by his career and needed someone who was capable and willing to support his ambition, while Nate seemed to want someone who was more relationship-oriented. Although they did end up together at the end of the movie, that didn’t ring true.

7 Stanford and Anthony from Sex and the City 2

Honestly, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big could also be on this list because their whole relationship was a bit of a mess. Overall, however, he was one of the most awkward and least-written couples in the franchise. While Gender and city could have been progressive for the time, it didn’t handle LGBTQ + issues very well.

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These two didn’t even like each other very much, but they ended up getting together because they were the only two gay men on the show. They were turned into stereotypical “gay best friends,” and the marriage storyline seemed very flat instead of a good example of representation. It would have been much more rewarding to see two well-constructed and sane LGBTQ + arcs, and also to see an unromantic friendship develop between Stanford and Anthony.

6 Christian and Anastasia in 50 Shades of Gray

It’s probably not surprising that these two are on this list because the portrayal of their relationship is not done well. Instead of exploring consensual and safe BDSM practices, the series illustrates an example of a dominant and abusive relationship.

Christian Gray is a rather creepy and manipulative man, and Anastasia looks more like a victim than anything else. So, it’s really hard to root this couple.

5 Sandy and Danny in Grease

While Fat may be an iconic movie, there are a lot of issues with this movie when it comes to relationships and sex. The truth is, Danny didn’t respect Sandy throughout their time together and they probably weren’t good for each other, beyond the movie’s desire to see them together.

Sandy had to change to match the image of a sexy bad girl in order to be with Danny, and overall the duo just don’t jif.

4 Steve and Peggy from Avengers: Endgame

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter in Avengers Endgame

It might be a controversial choice, but the truth is that these two ending up together for good have divided many fans. While some fans were ecstatic that these two had their happy ending, it didn’t make much sense for the characters or the story.

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While it was sad what happened to them, Peggy has been shown to have left Steve both in the MCU and in his solo show. Agent Carter. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers was learning to embrace the world as a man out of time. Steve stepping back in time felt out of character, and it felt like a forced ending that relied more on tropes than the characters’ actual journey.

3 Katniss and Peeta from the Hunger Games

There has been a lot of debate about who Katniss should end up with, but the truth is, she really shouldn’t have been with Peeta or Gale. Although Katniss cared for them both and Peeta was probably a better balance for her, she really never seemed interested in romance.

There’s no reason she needs to get together with anyone, and the ending where she marries Peeta and has kids with him didn’t even seem like something she really wanted.

2 Bella and Edward from Twilight

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob is a debate that many dusk fans still have them today, but this is another example where the main heroine maybe shouldn’t have ended with either of the main men.

Jacob had times of manipulation and cruelty, while Edward could be controlling and frightening. Bella wasn’t always treated so well by either of them, and her relationship with Edward didn’t seem healthy.

1 Hermione and Ron from Harry Potter

harry potter deathly hallows epilogue hermione ron

While Hermione and Ron are perhaps one of the most well-known couples on the show, many fans have pointed out that these two don’t seem so compatible.

Even as friends, they had a difficult relationship full of argument and jealousy, and it didn’t seem like it would lead to a healthy and lasting relationship. It’s hard to imagine this pairing could really work in the long run even if they care about each other a lot.

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