The literary giant of JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, is the foundation upon which the modern fantasy genre was built. Wizards, dragons, magic, swords and all the other ingredients of Middle-earth have made their way into multiple genres and works of fiction, and the author’s influence is still felt in various fantasy realms. today.

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While Tolkien could have drawn inspiration from various mythologies to create his world, many worlds have relied on Tolkien to become classics in their own right. For readers looking for an experience similar to this iconic series, there are tons of books guaranteed to answer that call to adventure.

ten The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

the chronicles of narnia the lion the witch and the prince caspian wardrobe dawn walker journey

What better place to begin the journey of Tolkien’s works than with the writer’s best friend and giant fantasy companion, CS Lewis. Chronicles of Narnia is a great hunter to accompany Tolkien The Lord of the Rings, or at the very least a predecessor for young readers to enter the genre.

While Tolkien drew inspiration from Western and Scandinavian mythology to create his kingdom, Lewis drew inspiration from the classics, incorporating fauns, mermaids and minotaurs with his elves and wizards. The series is just as magical and more than a little stimulating.

9 The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett Discworld

While that may be an honorable mention, Terry Pratchett’s popular comedic fantasy series both honored and criticized several tropes that Tolkien helped establish. In addition, there are important similarities between his dwarves, elves and wizards than that of his inspiration.

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There are 41 books in this incredible series, spawning a plethora of subgenres, perfect for even the most traditional fantasy fans. From epic quests to goofy comedies, the realm of guilds, guards, and anthropomorphic representations of Pratchett is a great alternative to the everyday elements of the genre.

8 Redwall by Brian Jacques

Swap elves, dwarves and orcs and swap them for mice and other woodland creatures and the result is the iconic Redwall series. While the series is notable and popular among fantasy fans, it is the first novel that really sets the standard.

There are elements of Middle-earth present and clear as daylight, but there is also an element of shock and spectacle that George RR Martin would make famous with his Game of thrones series. It’s a mind-blowing adventure.

7 The Earth Sea Cycle by Ursula K. LeGuin

While not as iconic as its counterpart, LeGuin’s Earthsea the series definitely packs a bit more oomph in its use of coming-of-age magic and structure. Drawing as many CS Lewis as Tolkien, the Earthsea the books are impeccably mystical.

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Ged’s adventures in learning to become a wizard have been an incredible journey long before Harry Potter reached the pages of a draft. It may be a bit dry for some readers, the world of Earthsea can be just as engaging and perilous as the lands of Middle-earth.

6 The Wheel Of Time Series By Robert Jordan

Perrin Aybara, Thom Merrilin and Lan Mandragoran in A Wheel of Timeand

There’s no easy way to tell, but readers who want to face the Wheel of time series better be prepared to lead it in the long run. It’s not just a fantastic series, it’s an investment. In terms of epic scale, this series definitely has Middle-earth more than a little matched.

There are dozens of characters, battles, page-turning events and more that make up this immense realm of magic and majesty. With wizards, warriors, and heavy themes evoked from the War of the Ring, this is something no Tolkien lover should ignore.

5 The Chronicles of Dragonlance by Wise and Hickman

Dragon Spear Golden Moon Tanis Sturm Shining Blade

the Dragon lance books are an interesting collection of tales inspired by the famous Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons. Writers Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman took a familiar world, but fleshed it out with memorable, albeit slightly exaggerated, characters and storylines.

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The series mixes brilliant writing with beloved tropes and clichés to create something epic. It’s a bit standard when it comes to epic fantasy, but the stories are definitely phenomenal. For those who want more halflings, elves, dragons, and great wars, this is by no means a bad choice.

4 Stephen King’s Dark Tower

Stephen King may not be a name many associate with fantasy, but his Dark tower the series has been compared to the Lord of the Rings Many times. The entry novel alone, The gunslinger, is a western with an obvious Tolkien-inspired flavor that just can’t be ignored.

Think about it, there’s a titular tower, an evil wizard, and a motley group of heroes trying to stop him and his dark magic. Is this starting to sound familiar to everyone?

3 Stephen King’s stand

Stephen King the stand

So nice that he did it twice, that of Stephen King The stall was also cited as King’s The Lord of the Rings. Once again, readers are treated to an epic saga starring a group of heroes united to fight an unspeakable evil. The setting may be more contemporary than a typical entryway, but the elements are still there.

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As LotR, it’s a long and epic journey that carries the timeless themes of good versus evil as proudly as its inspiration. Definitely a must read for any Stephen King fan.

2 The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander

The Chronicles of Prydain

While most are familiar with Disney’s adaptation of The black cauldron, few people recognize the series of books that inspired him. Drawing on inspirations similar to Tolkien’s, Lloyd Alexander created the land of Prydain and the epic quest for Taran the Wanderer.

Inspired by British and Welsh mythology, this series definitely carries a familiar sense of adventure felt in Tolkien’s works. Although with a significantly different flavor. How many oracular pigs are there in Middle-earth?

1 The Shannara Series by Terry Brooks

An image shared from the front cover of Shannara Chronicles and the cast of the TV show

Seeing how the first entry, Shannara’s sword, has often been compared to the Lord of the Rings in more ways than one, how could it not occupy the first place. Readers and critics have noted the similarities in the storylines, but this remains an iconic series thanks to additional entries from Terry Brooks.

Contrary to her obvious inspiration, Shannara’s world has spanned several other adventures, spinoffs, and sequels that give the series its own identity.

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