Actors play an important role in the creation of a successful show or movie and they kind of become the face of those projects. So, would things be any different if the iconic characters were played by someone else? You can’t even imagine anyone other than RDJ or Emma Watson for Tony Stark and Hermione Granger. However, some popular roles were almost performed by a different actor. Now, we know some of these classic characters so much that it’s impossible to imagine a different face on them. Check out 10 actors who almost landed on famous movies and TV shows.

Henry cavill

Boy! Henry Cavill and Robert Pattinson had competed with each other since their teens. Given their history, we would have preferred the locking horns of Henry’s Superman and Pattinson’s Batman in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”. The two boys had auditioned for the iconic characters, Edward Cullen in “Twilight” and Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” and as we all know, Pattinson landed with both.

Bill Murray

Did you know that the classic star of “Ghostbusters” and “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray was considered for 1989 “Batman”? He would have been the final choice without Tim Burton. The director had previously envisioned Michael Keaton as his Batman and wasn’t in the mood to give in. We can’t deny that it would have been weird to watch a comedy star portray the Dark Knight.

Robert de niro

It is virtually impossible to choose between A-listers, Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson. Stanley Kubrick faced this dilemma while directing the classic “The Shining”. Although Robert De Niro was his first choice for Jack Torrance, the director later changed his mind and gave us one of the scariest characters of all time.

Matt smith

Matt Smith’s career chart has risen since his “Doctor Who” days. His role as Prince Phillip in “The Crown” was another badge on his chest. After completing this successful trip, Matt is now preparing for “House of the Dragon”. In between, the actor had also auditioned for Watson in “Sherlock”. But the casting directors shared the same apprehension that many of you must have right now. According to them, making Matt the part of Watson would have been equivalent to having two Sherlocks in a room.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz may have retired from Hollywood, but she will always be remembered as one of the toughest action heroes around. It turns out that Diaz was also cast for the 1995 film, “Mortal Kombat”. Everything was finalized and she had also started the productions until an accident happened on the set. The actress had to be replaced by Bridgette Wilson-Sampras after breaking her wrist during training.

Russel crowe

Passionate and fiery Viggo Mortenson brought Aragorn to life in “The Lord of the Rings”. But there were also other popular names who had approached the studios for the coveted role. One of them was the star of the gladiators, Russell Crowe. He was getting a good deal for his job, but he ultimately backed down because Peter Jackson wasn’t keen on throwing him. While Crowe would have been a good choice, fans were more than happy with how things ultimately turned out for the franchise.

Patrick stewart

Technically, Patrick landed the show but lost the role he was originally cast for. Prior to taking on the role of iconic Captain Picard, Patrick Stewart was considered for Data. It wasn’t until his gentleman character and strong dialogue impressed Roddenberry that the actor was promoted to the lead role.

Freddie mercury

Almost everyone who’s seen Labyrinth has had a secret crush on David Bowie and his tights. Our hearts beat at his alluring and imposing presence whenever he subjected the protagonist to a series of tortures. But at first, the filmmaker thought of Freddie Mercury and many other rockstars for Jareth the Goblin King.

Ewan McGregor

Netflix’s flagship show “Stranger Things” was originally supposed to last only one season. This has prompted some producers to choose only famous and renowned stars to gain attention and hype. Therefore, actors like Ewan McGregor and Sam Rockwell were among Jim Hopper’s top picks. Fortunately, they chose the right choice over popularity and chose David Harbor.

Steve martin

Here’s another bizarre example of a comedian star being considered for a serious acting role. Steve Martin was one of the last picks for the iconic “Indiana Jones”. According to reports, even Bill Murray and Chevy Chase were considered for the role. As much as we admire them, Indiana Jones wouldn’t have been the same without Harrison Ford.

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