Loans for dentists

Of my tooth and of my money purse! It is not always quite cheap when you sit in the dental chair. If there is a tooth to make, the bill can quickly be up to a few thousand, which must be pulled out of the month’s budget to cover the bill. But there is no need to live off water and bread because of a dentist’s bill, with a dentist loan you can get credit of up to USD 15,000 so that you can afford some fun for the rest of the month as well.

So do not fear the economy because of broken teeth, holes or a toothache that you know will develop into a headache because the money is not enough. At Valentone Duckk we gladly help and ask no stupid and curious questions.

Loan for dentist with Valentone Duckk credit


Valentone Duckk credit offers you credit so you can borrow for a trip to the dentist. With credit you get a more flexible loan and a lower interest rate than you get with a regular micro loan, and you also have the opportunity to borrow up to USD 15,000.

Credit for a dentist loan is the same as Valentone Duckk’s regular credit – the very same terms and conditions apply.


This means that instead of having to pay the entire dentist bill all at once, you can use your credit and thereby pay a low benefit every month. You manage your credit entirely online – this way you get an easy and clear overview of your finances. Valentone Duckk’s loan to a dentist is easy – there are no cumbersome documents to fill and if you apply within our business hours the money is ready in your account within 45 min. Should the bill be lower than what you borrowed, then you have full control of the money and can spend it on exactly what you want – we do not interfere in what you spend the money on.

Loans to the dentist via Valentone Duckk Credit here .


Valentone Duckk credit works just like the cash credit you pay only when you use your credit. All you have to make sure is just to meet our simple terms which apply to all our credit loans:

  • You must have a Danish National Register address
  • As well as a Danish CPR no.
  • Be 23 years old
  • You must not be registered in RKI or Debtor Registered
  • And then you need an open mobile number and a working email address

Please note that if you are a new customer, your first withdrawal must not exceed 50% of your credit limit. If your first installment is paid on time, you can subsequently use up the rest of your credit.